Black Friday – Ruth Johnson

Black Friday

Nov 29, 2019 1:24 PM
Ruth Johnson


No! O Lord! Not again!
Black Friday has descended on the land!
I checked the news, got the blues,
The whole world is now upended!
Apparently, not only we, dwelling in babylon,
But numerous other countries
Are jumping on this bandwagon!
Following being thankful on Thanksgiving day,
They rise up in the night and leap into the fray!
And are other countries observing Thanksgiving?
I thought that was strictly for the US of A!
Anyway, nutshell, all over the world right now
Folks are fighting over big screen tvs.
We might ask ourselves
Why this Friday is called black?
Is it named after tv screens?
No, not exactly that.
On September 24th, 1869, two money culprits
Bought up a bunch of gold,
Their surnames being Fisk and Gould.
They wanted to cause a fake shortage
So the gold market would explode,
Then they would sell, sell, sell
And make off with a mother lode
Of cash!
It exploded, all-right, right in our faces,
The gold market free fell,
And bankrupted the nation,
Leaving neither rich or poor unscathed.
Could this be a lesson, perhaps a sign,
We may want to take to heart?
Especially in these dire times?
Store shelves are lacking shipments,
We may want to watch our dimes.
What is really going on here?
I truly do not get it!
How many big screen tvs
Do people feel they need!?!
They get beaten black and blue,
Crawling on their knees,
To tackle a tv!!!
What gets even stranger is
There is a football angle!
Dating from the 1950s, police in Philidelphia,
Dubbed this Friday black due to
The arriving shopping tourists,
Come to see the Saturday army/navy
Football field attack!
The policemen could not take the day off,
In fact they had to call in extra staff,
And this is all taking place
In the city of brotherly love!
So there is that.
A very sinister meaning broke out,
That in the 1800s, southern plantations
Could acquire slaves at deep discount prices
On the day following Thanksgiving.
Okay, I do not know what others will do,
But I am staying home today,
On my knees, if You please,
Until Your Kingdom Comes!
I do not usually think this, let alone write it down,
But I am beginning to see, folks are acting dumb!
Deaf and blind to boot!
They only seem to care about
Their share of the loot!
Where is our dignity? Our hearts, our souls,
Our charity!?!
O Lord, this is terrible, people need to see!!!
Not through a cheap tv!!!
In Jesus Name,

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