Dislexic – Ruth Johnson


Nov 28, 2019 2:46 AM
Ruth Johnson

Will you wait for me?
I may be late, you see,
I tend to lose my way.
It’s not intentional,
When from the path I stray,
I am simply made that way.
I have never known east from west
Even when the sun
Is in the sky,
It takes me so long to read a clock
Mostly I do not try!
My right or left hand could be either, at any given time,
Talk about not knowing what
What they are doing!
My sense of direction
Is one hundred percent backwards
I am always positive
I am turning the right way.
I am always wrong.
Sometimes for hundreds of miles
Before I realize it.
For…I’m…dislexic! Dislexic!
It’s not being sick sick!
It just makes it a trick to
Function in a world
Where you have to be
A certain place a certain time,
It just evades me!
If you do not wait for me,
I will understand,
I would not either
If presented with your hand.
If you made me wait for you all day
I would probably not be waiting
In the right place anyway!
I never know what day it is,
Month or year,
I can figure it out,
But too late, I fear.
Usually in a week I am off by a day
I really do not know
What to say.
One thing I look forward to,
My Lord will not mark time
In His Kingdom He is bringing
Down from the sky.
He will not need to wait
For the likes of me,
We will both just be there
For eternity.
Then I will be well,
Dislexic no more,
No time to tell,
No wrong way to explore.
I will love it mightily
For I have been lost
Most of my life,
With no one to wait for me,
They don’t take the time.
The Lord knows this,
How far I have roamed,
He is bringing down a Door
To welcome me Home,
No more dislexia, paranoia,
No more anxiety, panic or pain!
No more drug addicts, fanatics,
The manics,
None will be there
We will finally be sane.
No more pilegics, quadra or para,
No more spastics, lepers or lame!
No more darkness, gloom,
Black goo,
Falling on top of our heads
Like the rain.
No more sickness, sorrow and death,
We will all be able to
Catch our breath!
And exhale in one huge hardy cry…
O Lord, we thank You,
We were sick of being sick,
O Lord, we thank You,
For getting here quick!
Yes, we thank You,
And we want to say,
It over and over
For the rest of the endless days!

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