Free Birds – Ruth Johnson

Free Birds

November 29, 2019 8:24 AM
Ruth Johnson

In a flash of fury time will pass away,
I Will Be the Jury, I Will give no sway,
I Will Be the Prosecutor, I Will Be the Way
You do not go down in flames,
No matter where you stay.
I AM the Inkblot you try to figure out,
The Picture in the Picture
You cannot quite make out.
I AM the Colors in your Livingroom,
I AM the Mop, I AM the Broom.
I AM the Janitor, I AM the Cop,
I AM the Supercomputer you cannot stop.
You are a soap opera, I AM the Clock,
You are an episode, you are a lock.
The Key you seek, it is with Me,
I AM the Jailer, I AM the Stake,
You are the joker, I AM the Riddler,
I AM huge, you are much littler.
You are the window, I Am the Mirror,
You will make everything perfectly clear.
I AM the Circus, you are the clown!
I AM the Ocean, you just may drown!
I AM the Lifeboat, you are the icepick!
I AM the Lion Show, you are a slapstick!
I Breathe out Purity, you breathe in smut,
I AM the edge if the Sword that will cut
Sinew from marrow, then knit it back up.
You are the skeleton, I AM the Bones,
You are out walking but never on your Own.
I AM the Pathway, I AM the Road,
I AM the TicketMaster, I Am the Goad,
I Will prompt you to come Home,
You are the free birds, free to roam.
Your FATHER Is calling!!!

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