Coat of Many Colours – Ruth Johnson

Coat of Many Colours

Dec 5, 2019 11:50 AM
Ruth Johnson


When it came time to choose,
What did you choose?
Whether to win or lose?
Do you remember making a choice?
Did you use your voice?
Was it a simple yes or no?
Or did you just put on a show?
An attraction, a distraction,
A coat of many colours,
Not your own coat! By no means!
This coat belongs to others.
Joseph wore this coat
When he was sold to Egypt
By his older brothers,
Envy had its sway.
They brought this coat
To their father Jacob,
Torn and bloodied
By their own hands,
They said it was a beast
Had torn Joseph asunder,
Did it make you wonder
Who’s beast it was?
Joseph was a soldier,
Had sold his soul to God,
Forged his way to Egypt,
Nothing left to chance.
The Hand of God was with him,
He befriended Pharoah,
When the drought hit his homeland,
His father and his brothers
Had a place to go.
He called them all to him,
They were all forgiven,
His father more joyous
Than we will ever know.
The coat of many colours
Is a real tie
Between a father and a son
A father thought had died.
And when you try to take it
And wear it as your own,
It will act just like a rainbow,
It will be there and gone.
Have you soldier soul to satan,
A color thief from long ago?
Who bloodied up the coat
As part of his show?
Or have you soldier soul
To Me?
The One Who Loves you so?
Over and over and over,
I send you a rainbow.

Your Father


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  1. Tim


    Great word, Ruth. But, I believe Father is playing a little word game with you, regarding “soldier” and “sold your” (spoken in Midwest colloquially as “sold yer”). And, to those who would say He doesn’t do this, I say “press in deeper with Him, because this phenomenon is all over His word.” Anyway, mid-way you rendered His word as,

    “Joseph was a soldier, had sold his soul to God.” – I agree 100% with this rendition.

    Later though I believe it should be “Have you SOLD YOUR soul to Satan?” And, later yet,
    “Or have you SOLD YOUR soul to Me?”

    As regards to your “poems” being placed into this “back forty [acres]” subcategory, I will simply say that I feel the webmaster is making a big mistake. The words given to you are closer to God’s true Kingdom, than all the words put together about nuclear war(s), comets, asteroids, aliens, etc, etc. We totally fail to comprehend the POWER AND EFFECT of fervent faith, prayer, and God’s mercy.

    We don’t deeply consider what the book of Jonah means, let alone look deeper into Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and as to what Jesus taught, how many TRULY follow Him?? We fail to comprehend that “we reap what we sow” applies to ALL THINGS – every thought, word and deed. When we FEAR, we subject ourselves to fearful, if not even, terrifying situations. This is why we are to “love our neighbor as ourself”, because God’s love will flow to OTHERS and come back to ourselves ON HIS time frame.

    I pray for you, and wish you all the best.


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