I AM YOUR SIRE – Ruth Johnson


Dec 4, 2019 12:25 PM
Ruth Johnson

O Lord, I’m tired.
You’re tired, you say?
Yes, I am weary
Of having my way.
My life is strange,
Nothing gets done,
People are cruel,
And no darn fun.
O Lord, they shriek!
When they talk
I feel so weak
I can barely walk!
The world is becoming
A super freak show!
I have been longing
For somewhere else to go.
Little one, I Know you are weak,
I Made you that way
So you could speak
To the masses
And they will uncoil,
And strike you in the heel,
But they will not prevail.
You see, I Made you
Because I Knew
What you would
And would not do.
You will not fail
Though weak and weary,
If you were not those
You would not turn to Me.
But because you did
Call out My Name
And hold up your hands
When you were in pain
I Will Bless you
With strength and vigor
Of a ram who leaps
And does not stagger.
O my Lord! I do need You!
And You Have Always
Told me The Truth
Unlike all others,
Full of deceit
Who treat widows and orphans
Like pieces of meat.
I will be so joyful
I have waited so long
To feel Your Touch,
To hear Your Song.
Little one, do not fret,
You ain’t seen Nothing,
Nothing yet,
What your Father will do
For the weak and tired,
I Will Give them My Strength,
And My Desire.
Little one, My Heart’s Desire
Is to Give to you
Your heart’s desire.


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