If I Know It Is God – Ruth Johnson

If I Know It Is God

Dec 5, 2019 1:38 PM
Ruth Johnson 
If I know It Is God
Do not find it odd
If I get up and go.
It is not about you,
You could have heard too,
If you are not a foe.
If I know It Is God
Speaking to me
I certainly have a choice,
To listen or not,
To live or rot,
For never heeding His Voice.
He keeps us alive,
He allows us to thrive
Or to wither on the vine.
The choice is ours
And ours alone,
The only thing we truly own.
I choose to hear God
Through the fog
And muddlement we are mired in
Up to our eyeballs,
Drinking our highballs,
Praying not to sin.
We are all in trouble,
Fifty times double,
Our world is covered in trash.
The money is worthless
The time is short,
The scrapers are going to crash
The earth will split open
While people are hopin’
The line at the bank is short.
The darkness descends
Portending the end,
Folks sit on their porch.
God has sent prophets to us
In case we cannot hear His Voice
We mock them and kill them
And they are just here
To tell us about our choice.
Heaven or hell.
Slay the messengers, we cry!
Make them all be quiet!
If they would only preach
Happy words
There would not be this riot!
They are preaching
Doom and gloom
Out in the open
Not in their room!
We all need to be preaching
Joy, peace and love!
Not judgment messages
From God Above!
Who do they think they are?
Bringing rain to our parades?
Pissing in our shrubbery
We have so carefully laid
In a straight line,
Pruned to a box shape,
Get off the lawn!
You mess up the landscape!
You doom and gloom prophets!
You say let the grass grow,
We say no, no, no!
The grass we must mow
Before it can sow!
You say let the tears flow!
We say no, no, no!
A smile and a red bow
Is top of the show!
Red lips and nails,
Hair dyed light blue,
Hiding what’s true,
That’s what you should do!
Tears are for fools!
We are smart
My Dear Heavenly Father,
Let me hear You True,
What am I going to do
Except depend on You
To get me safely through?
If I listen, if I hear
That still small voice
Whisper in my ear,
Will I respond with all I have?
Or will I make it clear,
I do not want You here?
Never, my Lord, oh never!
Please, I truly fear
1 Kings 19:11, 12

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