The Baby – Ruth Johnson

The Baby

Dec 8, 2019 12:49 PM
Ruth Johnson

Where does your strength lie?
Do you count on others?
Or do you count on yourself?
Where does your strength lie
When an enemy arrives
Totally unfamiliar to experiences
In your own life?
And the lives of the others.
We have a situation here,
We are all living it,
Few of us are seeing it,
Less of us believing it.
We have been decieved,
Horribly and completely,
It is coming painfully obvious
How far we are off track.
Famine is coming, so are plagues,
We are busy burning
Our own nation’s flags
And screaming in the streets.
Where is that old christmas spirit
This year? Oh wait!
Maybe he is here!
And where did the sun go?
Why is it so cold?
Snow is dumping on us,
Ho ho ho!
Pray your flight will not be in winter
For that is a bad time
To have to go.
Ok, have you bought enough gifts?
Do you know exactly what
Everybody wants?
Or are you not through
With your shopping yet?
Can you afford it?
Or do you just ignore that
And put it all on credit
To pay back later?
How is your decorating going?
Did you get your tree put up?
Is that all you do?
Or do you set baby Jesus up
Again? Here He Is:
Please tell Me something,
Large christmas crowd,
Do you have family pictures
Hanging on your walls?
In boxes in your closets?
Lining your halls?
Ones of your first son, perhaps,
As a baby, then through childhood,
High school basketball,
Graduation, college bound?
With the love of his life,
On his wedding day?
A guest comes for holiday
And asks about your son,
Would you show them the one
Of the baby?
Or the most recent one?
Are you going to pluck Me out
O f your box again this year,
Place Me in your manger
While playing songs of cheer?
Gulping down the egg nog,
Saying things you do not mean,
But that is ok, they do not really hear.
Think about it. Things change.
A Major One is looming
Right on your horizon.
And you are showing off baby photos
While your grown son may be
Close to dying.
And you know what?
The real kicker?
That little plastic infant
You so carefully place in that plastic manger
Hoping your kids or dogs
Don’t steal it?
Guess what!?!
it is my enemy!!! tammuz!
Get a clue, people,
Get a clue real quick!
When you are saying happy holidays,
whose holy days are they?
Not Mine!!!
Mine are Written in CAPs!!!
What do you think an idol is?
Could it be that plastic baby,
A replica of the creation?
What no one is to have near them,
Let alone revere them?
The dead tree is bad enough!
Why make it worse?!
Every single idol will bring
A severe curse!
Watch out! That spirit of christmas
Just may do you in this year!
And your kids to boot!
Expecting christmas loot!
Ever wonder why you call your
Children, kids?
When that is the same as goats?
Do you believe that is
A coincidence?
Wake up, you people,
And do not wait
For christmas morn to dawn,
You will find your strength has waned,
Along with those you rely on.
The egg nog will be gone.
And so will that baby.

The Reason For Everything,
Jesus Christ



  1. Tim


    What an awesome word!! Do you REALIZE what Father has given you here?? I hope and pray you do!! Most will not understand, and some might severely criticize you – I say, be strong and stay focused on the things of God!!!

    Anyway, a significant portion of this word has to do with 2 Thess2:11, “And for this reason GOD WILL SEND them strong DELUSION, that they should believe a lie”. It is for this same reason I gave you some verses to read. In addition to Isaiah 63, read Jeremiah 50, because it is also related.

    If you or others wonder why I write in this manner, let me say that it is for the same reason that Jesus spoke and taught with parables. Another comparison is the expression, “One can lead a horse to water, but no one can force it to drink.” True understanding ONLY comes through the Spirit.

    Take care, and God bless you!

    Brother Tim

  2. Jylann Calcote

    Oh my goodness, Jesus died” he hung on a TREE 🌲! Jesus was born in the spring – he died at Christmas ( we have been celebrating with gifts our lord’s death🙁) Forgive me Father for my eyes did not see . Satan takes everything and turns it upside down or backwards. Satan is so detestable! 🤮

  3. Tim


    Oh my goodness too! What YOU understood in the spirit is PRECISELY why I almost NEVER tell people what I come to understand, but instead tell them WHERE TO GO to ask for understanding for themselves. TRUE understanding ALWAYS comes from the Spirit.

    For the past four years, I have had an aversion to Christmas, related to the concepts of “making idols, graven images, etc.”, as well as a general understanding that it seems to be a celebration related to Tammuz, Nimrod or other false gods. This is why I made my comments above to Ruth. No one else in my family/circle believes this or believes me, and this has created much friction and stress. But, I KNOW what I’ve understood, and my sole desire is to serve Him as I understand!

    That being said, when I read what you wrote, I KNEW that He was telling me something – but in a slight VARIATION of what you wrote, and therefore I did a little research on the MEANING of the WORD “Christmas”. Right away I found this article which I’ve copied


    Please read it and ask for His discernment. In the article, it talks about communion – reread what Jesus said about the bread and the cup (of wine) at the Last Supper, and what He did. Then read, 1 Corinthians 11, where Paul speaks about this. Through his words, consider his tone of voice – WHAT was he telling us??? Consider these facts, Jesus did NOT eat of the broken bread, nor drink of the cup. Then consider this fact, the Gospels clearly state that when Jesus died on the cross (as you said, “tree”), He had NO BROKEN bones.
    Pray about what Jesus was telling them, and therefore, telling us!

    His truth IS INDEED being revealed in front of our very eyes “to those with eyes to see and ears to hear”!!

    A brother,

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