Valley of Death – Ruth Johnson

Valley of Death

Dec 6, 2019 11:00 AM
Ruth Johnson

Will you take the time to love Me?
Or just put Me on a shelf?
Will you take the time to hear Me?
Or do you only hear yourself?
Will you take the time to know Me?
Take My Book down from the shelf?
Open it and share My Story?
Or do you only share yourself?
Are you enough?
Are you all that?
And a bag of chips?
Playing all the markets,
The run ups and the dips?
Right now, buy puts,
Advice from the Wise,
The economy is fixed,
Based on lies.
I AM your Provider,
Your Only True Friend
Who was There in the Beginning
And will still Be in the End.
I AM not a joker, I AM not a clown,
There is no punchline,
I just never let you down.
Do not sit in the bleachers
Watching the show,
Mocking the Teacher,
The Only One Who Knows
How to bring you out
Of the valley of death
To the other side.
I Can Lead you to Safe Harbor,
Filled with My Holy Rest.
I AM the Only One
And I Am not selfish,
I Want all to follow Me!
For the valley of death
Is not where you want to be!!!
Your Brother, Jesus Christ


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