Your Phone – Ruth Johnson

Your Phone

Dec 10, 2019 1:50 PM
Ruth Johnson

I love You, Lord,
And I show my face to You,
And I long to take my place
In Your Arms,
In Your Heart,
But I rarely know how to start.
This treacherous world w e live in
Is full of evil, full of sin,
It hits you, kicks you in the shin
But cannot reach your head
Or surely we’d be dead.
Cursed are you, serpent,
Above all cattle,
You’ll crawl on your belly
And eat the dust.
The woman will hate you
And you will hate her,
The offspring of her’s will
Carry it on.
you will only strike
The Inheritor’s heel,
He Will strike you head on.
This Play was penned so long ago,
We have all the chance to read It.
We watch movies, listen to tunes,
We very rarely talk to God.
He longs to Speak with us,
What can go wrong?
He May even Teach us
A Brand New Song!
Why are we so blind?
Why are we so deaf?
He is Handing us the world!
And not just what is left!
He Is Bringing Paradise to earth!
What we all should long for!
The Blessings bestowed
On Adam and Eve
Can be our’s to sing a Song for!!!
Oh please, my sisters,
Oh please, my brothers,
Return to the family Land!
Jubilee is this year!
Why do you not understand?
Our Lord Has Provided
An escape from the evil
That has saturated our earth,
He Has Promised
Clean water and air!
And a Totally New Rebirth!
Do we not need it!?
Let alone want it?!
We do not know what It is worth!?!
More than money, more than fame,
More than anything!!!
Life is not a game!
It is a battle! It is a race!
The Finish Line
Holds Ultimate Grace!!!
Why are we running
All the wrong ways?
Are we rats who cannot
Solve the maze?
Curious, furious at the lies
Constantly shoved down our throats.
Curious, serious, why we cannot see,
Past the horrendous lies!!!
Tickled ears, fakey tears,
Holding no fears,
Believe their disguise.
Goats not sheep, weeds not wheat,
Which side are you on?
Black not white, death not life,
Do you long for darkness?
Or do you prefer the Light?
Consider your choice,
It is almost night.
The Thief will enter your abode,
You better be ready to hold,
Or fold.
The earth is in a turmoil,
Storms, hail, snow, drought, fires,
Landslides, tornadoes, doubt.
The ground is cracking
Pushed from inside,
Hell is expanding
For those who die
Without knowing The Source
Of All Life and Creation,
But putting their faith in
The kings of the nations.
There Is One True King,
And He Is returning,
Coming back to this world
Now wretched and burning,
With few on His Side,
Even less of us learning
To trust in the One,
The One that is yearning
To Bring us all Home
So none of us perish
From the satan’s darts,
Aimed at our hearts,
To take us to hell with him.
Believe in your country!
Believe in your gold!
Believe in yourself!
Like you do not grow old!
Dye your hair blonde!
Don plastic breasts!
Get your teeth fixed,
Take IQ tests!
Head off to college
Right after school,
See if they teach you
The Golden Rule.
See if they treat you
As you deserve,
Or see if they throw you
A professional curve.
Head off to work,
If work there may be,
If there is not, get a subsidy,
You can sign up!
Tell them all about you!
They know you’re a loser,
And that may be true,
But everyone does it!
Why not you?!
Worry about Facebook,
Not enough likes,
Google all answers,
Rarely take hikes,
And if you do,
Take hundreds of selfies,
You standing on a rock,
You hanging from a tree,
Cannot go swimming,
Your phone will get wet,
And ruin the hair do,
Not done posing yet.
Then head on home
And spend the evening
Going through pictures
Of the life you pretend
Will mean something
To the people you send.
When I AM right Here
Waiting to Talk to you,
The One Who Created you,
Loves you and feeds you!
Who Wants to get to Know you,
Face to face, Heart to heart,
And you do not even know
Where to start.
Your nose is buried in a phone,
Never looking Up
To your True Home.
Oh, No!


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