day of evacuation – Dawn Watkins

day of evacuation

Dec 10, 2019 11:16 AM
Dawn Watkins


I wrote this June 27th of this year 2019.


Standin alone after that moment when the trumpet was blown.
Standing there in confusion what happened to everything I had known ?

This must be that day everyone keeping saying was in the bible that had been written about.
Is this true , is this real what do you mean I didn’t make it out ?

Life choices flashing before my very eyes.
Oh God forgive me I really thought all that stuff was really lies.

Now I find myself finally on my knees asking God why oh why can you forgive me please .

Give me one more chance I promise to put it all down and live for you .
I promise to do anything that you ask me to.

Can’t you hear me ? Don’t you see me ?
Oh God I’m sorry I made the choice to never believe!

Today is the day for your Salvation ! Please don’t let this be you on the day of evacuation !

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  1. Ashley Watkins

    Oh my I do apologize for not proofreading ! I hope this reaches many hearts ! May it reach the eyes that God has intended!! Many Blessings to all !

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