Fishes – Ruth Johnson


In a little while
I will learn to smile
All the time
A smile will be planted
On my face.
This old world will vanish
With nary a trace,
Our Good Father will banish
Those abusing His human race.
They do not belong here,
Disconnected themselves
From The One True God,
Made a big mistake
And now will feel His Rod.
The punishment is very great,
The price to pay for sin is death.
It is a grave sin to hate
And wish any life no Breath.
Our Creator, our Life Source
Frowns on such behavior.
That is why,
In His Wisdom and Mercy
He sent to us a Savior.
His Name is Jesus,
His Only Begotten,
A Name the world’s leaders
Would prefer forgotten.
He has always been there for us,
This Jesus,
He is our closest Friend.
Not only that, He is our Brother,
Our Savior in the end!
He will hold our hand at death,
He will lead us home,
Either to His Home, Paradise,
Or to a fiery hell.
If you love your life
And want to keep on living
See your children grow,
Then surrender to His Son
The One Who bought you
With His Blood
Hanging from a tree,
Beaten and forsaken,
Then by our Father taken,
Brought Him back to life
So we would not be forsaken.
Hail The Father!
Hail The Son!
For this battle They Have Won!
They are waiting for us
To realize it,
They are waiting for us
To grow weary
Of the trap we are in.
They are waiting for us
To realize
We are in a cage,
They Hold The Key
To set us all free.
Jesus walked on earth,
Gathered His apostles,
Gathered His disciples
And they all walked with God.
Jesus told them: Let’s go fishing!
But not for fish, for men!
And they just followed Him,
Did not think it odd.
We are all just fishes
Swirling in the sea,
Gulping in the flow of knowledge
Whatever that may be.
Very rarely do we pop out
And gaze up at the sky.
Jesus and His followers
Are dropping down a net,
It would be good to swim on in
While the anchor is still set.
Once that Boat sails away,
It will not return,
Then you escaping getting caught
Will give a hard lesson learned.
For you and all those other fish
Swimming circles in the sea
Will wish they had gotten
On that Boat
When the sea starts to burn.
This is no way to learn.
Jesus is still fishing,
So are all His brothers,
Sisters fish too,
But our Father will call us in soon,
For it is getting dark now.
He will examine our catch,
And pronounce it worthy
To attend His Wedding Feast
He is throwing for His Son.
But we will not be food
As we would be in the sea,
We will be guests.
The Great Fisherman of men
Caught you and me!
I will fall upon my knees and say:
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Let’s eat!



  1. Tim


    Great word! I copied part of it below. I’m thinking you are already getting it – indeed, who ARE the captives, the prisoners, so often mentioned throughout the Bible?? Of course it refers to ancient history, but as noted in Ecclesiastes, “nothing happens that hasn’t already happened.”

    Your word:
    “They are waiting for us
    To realize it,
    They are waiting for us
    To grow weary
    Of the trap we are in.
    They are waiting for us
    To realize
    We are in a cage,
    They Hold The Key
    To set us all free.”

    Pray about the part about the key.

    Take care, and God bless you.

    Brother, Tim

    • Ruth Johnson

      You reminded me about the key! I had written one about the key that I did not know if He wanted me to submit, I guess He did. The key that opens and shuts. I did send it. I keep thinking “key” is a strange word, wonder how it originated. Different spelling. Thank you for your comments, I so appreciate them!
      God Bless you! Your sister, Ruth

  2. Keep on working, great job!

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