The Key – Ruth Johnson

The Key

Dec 13, 2019 2:22 AM
Ruth Johnson

The world is torn asunder
By my Fathers hand
And there are so very many
Who do not understand.
They lock their doors and windows
Stealthily hide the key,
But they have locked in the enemy
And out Me,
Saith the Father.
You think you are
Protecting your stuff
Of which you never have enough?
You think you are keeping
Bad people out, but no,
You are keeping out Me,
Your Father, your Creator,
Your One True Friend,
The One Who Loves you
From the beginning to the end.
I sent My Son to save you,
He suffered a horrible death,
Not one you will have,
He died this way instead.
And you keep Him out
With your lock and key
Exactly the same as you
Keep out Me.
This may surprise you
But I gave My Son The Master Key,
It opens and locks anything,
Including your door!
Do you think I do not Love you?
Do you think I do not care?
Enough to protect you?
I AM Always There!
You have My full Attention
Every nanosecond of your life,
I AM not the kind of Parent
That leaves parenting to My wife.
I AM the Only One
Who can keep the demons out,
Not only from your house
But also from your heart!
That is the Key
If you deem to let Me in,
Open up your heart,
That is the start!
If you believe you are a widow,
A fatherless child,
I Know who and where you are
All of the while.
The times you think you are alone
In your room, in a cell,
You are not,
I AM there.
Always have been, always will be,
Unless you lock Me out.
Listen if ye hath ears to hear,
These are the words
The prophets made clear,
Good and evil you wanted to know,
Be your own gods,
Run your own show.
Well, I AM Good, the Only One,
And I have been watching
Out for you all
Through the human ages,
But now that time is almost up,
And evil is poised to take the stages.
It is lurking in the wings,
Lusting for the crowd
Of eager little gods
There to do it proud.
And what is more,
You pay to be there!
You buy a ticket straight to hell!
It is time for the performance,
The performance of the ages,
The one they have rehearsed
In their many cages.
Their doors are very, very, very
Soon to be unlocked,
Then, oh, My dear children,
I hope to Me you have flocked,
Way out in a Garden
With grass sweet and clean,
Streams of clear water,
Flowers and trees as yet unseen.
Please, My dear ones,
Stay away from that crowd!
The ones in the theatre
Praising and proud!
Please, My children!
Have nothing to do with them!
You will be crowded in a theatre,
A box with four walls,
A roof and a floor!
If fire breaks out, how many doors
Will be locked?
From the outside?
Who will hear your cries?
Please, My children,
Come with Me!
I have a picnic planned!
Roll down the hill, fly a kite,
Make a daisy chain!
I will push you on the swing,
Help you with the teeter totter,
And to catch the carousel’s
Golden ring!
We will listen to some songs
Ones you may have never heard!
But if you have ears to hear,
Hear Me!
Do not lock Me out,
I AM The Key!
The Only Key to set you free!
I AM your Father,
And I Love you!
Jehovah God


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  1. Tim


    Thank you so much for your kind words, though I am but nothing except for the Lord.

    I could again comment on so many different things regarding this message, because there is so much there. Instead, I will comment on just two, and go to additional thoughts.

    1) “I AM the Key”. I agree. My question for you, related to my previous comment, in your previous “Fishes” message. WHO HOLDS the key? Do WE NOT HOLD the key ( I.e. “HIM”) THROUGH our FAITH in Him???? It is Jesus’ teaching of, “He that BELIEVETH IN ME shall do the the things that I do, and greater things shall he do, for (I.e. “BECAUSE”) I go unto My Father.” He CALLS US to have SUCH FAITH!!

    2) In the latter lines, note that He’s talking about kites, daisy chains and teeter totters – all things that little children do. In other words, to enter the Kingdom, you must be like these little children. That concept goes right back to FAITH (above), because little children are innocent and BELIEVE – as adults, experienced in the “world”, we have lost that innocent faith. But, by putting our COMPLETE FAITH in Him (the KEY, as you heard), we become like these little children. What does this describe? Is it not “the manchild” that so many have seen in dreams and visions here??

    Now, I’ll just make a couple of general comments. Many have seen “the division”, or “a dividing line”, a “fence”, or even “a valley (of decision)”. With VERY strong words, this concept is described in Zechariah 14, but I see this division RIGHT HERE with your so-called “poems”, and I REALIZE, Father has allowed this by His plan!! If you remember, Jesus had a very SMALL flock, yet used THEM to feed the MULTITUDES.

    Because your “poems” are being HIDDEN (separated from the rest of the site), few people are reading them – in reality, only those who are truly interested, or believe like we do. Yet, do not become discouraged, but be confident that indeed, this IS His work.

    Secondly, I’m going to give you some inspirational scripture, an a small story about it. Because of a work accident, I am not working now and away from home. But, a friend at my home church 90 miles away sent me the bulletin from last Sunday’s service in the mail. I got it yesterday and glanced at it briefly – this morning I was inspired to look at it. I saw that my Pastor (and friend) had entitled her sermon “Peace”, and had based it on Luke 3:2-6. I did not know what this dealt with, so I read it and was absolutely floored! Therefore, I called her earlier and gave her the scripture which immediately came to me in the Spirit, about “the FAITHFUL and wise servant”, mentioned in Matthew 24:45 – read the surrounding verses, and take note of what happens.

    Pray about all these things, how they relate to each other, and how they relate to the times (the “world”) we are in today. As I said, your (and Brian’s) “poems” are separated for a reason, and it has to do with these things above.

    God bless you, Ruth!

    Your brother,

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