HIStory – Sparky


17 Dec 2019 AM 3

The baby in the manger,
need not be a stranger.
His birth is of the distant past,
His life on earth did shortly last.
His coming was clearly foretold,
to all who’d believe-young and old.
He was born to die, and then to rise,
the Bible is true, to no surprise.
Our sins have brought much guilt and shame,
The Father’s love, is why Jesus came.
Jesus, God’s son, our sins did pay,
So we’d have hope, and be free today.
His forgiveness is here for all,
you have freewill, it is YOUR call.
God’s message is quite simple indeed,
it’s not only for those in dire need.
It’s for all sinners far and wide;
He wants you in heaven, by His side.
The signs of His return are very near,
as one forgiven, you wouldn’t need to fear.
With great excitement you would rejoice,
because your heart truly made the right choice.
I tell you my friend, God’s Word is true,
His love for you is great, He died for you.
Call out to Jesus, don’t hes itate,
after your last breath it’s then too late.

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