Trap – Ruth Johnson


Jan 2, 2020 2:05 AM
Ruth Johnson
We are caught in a trap
We can’t back out
Because I Love you too much baby
There is a ride
At disneyland
That was built by boy scouts
They had learned
How to start a fire
And that ride 
Would be the perfect place
To do it
So I was there
With my three kids
They called them kids
As we went through it
I stood in line
Holding their hands
And I prayed my way through it
Because there were not enough doors
To get us all out
If some boy scout 
Up and blew it
We are caught in a trap
We can’t get out
But I Love you too much


  1. Tim

    Hi Ruth,

    This one took me a while – Disneyland, Boy Scouts, and learning to make fire. How do they relate to each other, let alone with the Word of God??? But after contemplation and prayer, I feel that the Lord gave me understanding, and it is deep.

    My clues to you, and to all with ears to hear:

    1) Are we not called “children”? What are some of the things children do?

    2) At the same time, think about Boy Scouts (I was one). Think about their motto and DESIRED qualities. Yet, they are STILL children.

    2) Think about the verses of the “stumbling stone” and the “snare and trap”.

    3) Is a “fire” always a literal “yellow flame”? Doesn’t God refer to something else as a burning or consuming “fire”.

    Take care, and God bless you!

    Your friend and brother,


  2. Ruth Johnson

    Hi Tim, so good to hear from you! It was built like a big box, half was the line which switchbacks up three stories to a door to the ride but fire exit doors were only on the outside. It created a situation like how boy scouts learn to build that square tower fire. Those work better than the teepees. If a fire were to start in that ride it would do the same thing. The only people who may get out were the ones right by the doors. How about that elevator in the haunted house ride? I felt Disneyland should be a safe place to take children. It is not! As you may be able to tell, I am in the habit of looking for escape routes. Plus, it appears they worship a rat there. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them greatly! Bless you,

    • Brian Ethier


      You did not touch on “they called them kids” for in a previous poem I believe you mentioned that kids is what young goats are called.

      As to your other one: as you look in a dictionary for the word internent it is not found. You search and ask if internent is a word and only get internet. But only write: internent and you get several ads:
      Internent: search internent, powerful and easy to use. Search Smarter, Better Results, Search Efficiently, Find Fast. Types: news, video, images, web, wiki.

      But without electricity, that King will not go far.

      Keep on sending more! Brian

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