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Storm – Ruth Johnson


Jan 4, 2020 11:17 AM
Ruth Johnson

O Lord, the storm,
I could not get home,
I did not want to come here.
My son is so sick,
I hope you come quick,
But I am more ready to stand.
The plane I came over on
Stopped in midair,
Parked for an hour above
The thick clouds up there.
As far as I could tell
I was the only who knew,
Besides You.
I have seen it on youtube
And now know it is true.
If I had mentioned it,
Panic would have ensued.
Something is very wrong here,
Planes do not do that.
But it did.
I have to get on one tomorrow.
It is rainy and cold,
The wind tore down our fences
At home.
I am so weary,
Seattle is so dreary,
Last Friday was the darkest day
In the history of this place.
O Lord, please help me rally,
I need to keep going,
I need your strength and guidance.
Am I here for a reason?
In this unholy season?
Please give me a chance.
This place is strong in darkness,
All white and gray starkness.
I lived here for years.
It was never like this.
So many people
Just walking the streets,
No home to go to,
No people to meet,
No help or kindness
Out on those streets
Not if you are homeless
You are kicked in the teeth.
All their big plans,
google, amazon and microsoft
Plan to expand,
Building new towers,
Why not some homes?
It is so tragic,
Defies all logic
To leave so many people
Out in a storm.
Forgive me, Lord, I ramble.
You Know what is happening,
You Are giving them a chance
To turn to You.
And I so pray they do.
Your Light, my Lord,
Will shine through
Before this storm is done,
Your Son will come
For all to see.
And we will fall to our knees.
A message You Gave me
A while ago, to let me know
It is time to share.

Message received June 2017

In days right before, you will look up and the sky will be dirty. And it will appear that the stars are falling and other people will be standing out there with you and they will say: Look! The heavens are falling! And you will look back at them and say: Have no fear, for my Father has told me before. There is going to be thunder and lightning and trees will be falling to the ground. The birds will fly out of them screaming, but have no fear, they will land on your rooftop and they will be calm. And this is how you know the next day the end is here. Have no fear, My children, the Lord is walking among you.

Did you not hear the Words of My Father? There will be thunder and lightning but He will send Me to you and I will be walking amongst you. The beasts of your burdens will be following with Me. The birds in the sky will be following with Me so that you shall see that I Am here. Do not fear, brothers and sisters, I WILL BE THERE DURING THE STORM.
Remember, remember, remember.


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  1. Margaret Blake

    Oh! This word stands as a light of hope in this very dark world. Please everyone who reads this….. take hold of this light. And believe that the Lord will be with us. Thank you, Ruth. Shalom.

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