I Promised – Ruth Johnson

I Promised

Feb 3, 2020 1:56 PM
Ruth Johnson
I promised I would Love you
Through all you say and do.
I do not always Love
The things you say and do,
But I always Love you.
I long to give you wings
To fly above the land
So you can see what I see
And hope you understand,
Hell is expanding,
Watch what you say and do,
Or in hell you will be landing.
Please hear My voice,
I have given you a choice
By My Son’s destruction on a stake.
You could be covered by His Blood,
Hell will not have it.
He gave it freely
For all men to take.
His suffering was more
Than any you could take
For He bore ALL of your sins
While hanging on that stake.
And full of your sins
I was forced to forsake Him,
That is not something
You could have endured.
I brought Him back to life,
Your sins died with Him,
All of them. Gone.
Now the offer stands,
Will you take His Hand?
He has opened up the door
To the Promised Land.
If you forsake Jesus,
There is no turning back,
You cannot atone for your own sins.
He did it for you, once and for all,
Recognize this, listen for His call.
He is calling for repentance,
He is calling in His troops,
He is calling the remnant,
He will not lose
One of them
Standing with Him,
For He has saved all of you
Before this whole thing began.
If you have ears to hear,
If you have eyes to see,
I AM calling you!
Do you even hear Me?
Do you see the signs
Up in the sky?
I AM trying to reach you!
Please do not pass Me by!
You still have a chance
To spend eternity with Me
And My dear Son,
You must get on your knees,
Beg for forgiveness
For all you have done wrong,
I will hear you!
I know what you have done!
I Promise I will Love you
Through all you say and do
But if you say no to Jesus,
There is nothing I can do.
I cannot save you,
Although your sins died with Him,
You have to love My Son,
You have to know Him.
And you have to know
He Knows you.
Then you are covered,
And to Heaven you can come.
We will celebrate
All who make it through the Gate,
For it is not easy to find
And you must not be late.
Satan will ensnare you
As you are trying to get home,
Putting up detours
On every road you roam.
You must go around them
And find the path that leads to Me.
Jesus will guide you,
He is all you need!
Find Him! Now!
He is so near!
He is calling! Have ears to hear!
He will Light your way,
He is the Only One,
Who can deliver you
Safe into My Arms.
The Way, the Truth, the Light,
Embrace Him! Love Him!
Escape the darkest night!
Please, My children,
Follow your dear Brother,
He will lead you home to Me,
To Heaven on earth for eternity.
I Promised I would Love you,
And I Do.
But you must accept
What Jesus did for you.
Pick up your stake,
All sin forsake,
Satan cannot have you
To share his burning lake.
My Kingdom is where you belong,
Do not take the detours,
Jesus will lead you around,
And show you the Way
To Truth and Light,
He will lead you out of
The darkest night.
I Love you,

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