All the Money in the World – Ruth Johnson

All the Money in the World

Feb 4, 2020 1:31 PM
Ruth Johnson
I do not want all the money in the world.
I want no money in the world.
People could not be bought and sold.
The earth is soiled with the parts of trees
Left over from the printers
Of all the monies.
Coins cannot be eaten,
Or fed to livestock.
No money, no problem,
We could sit around and talk.
Instead of going to the mall,
We could go on long walks.
No one could pay us to work,
No boss who is a jerk,
Won’t give you your perk,
Enough to drive you berserk.
We would share,
All would give,
All would receive.
No bartering, hording, interest rates,
Stocks, bonds, tollgates,
No taxes, faxes, bank accounts,
Social insecurity, food stamps,
No accumulated debt that mounts.
We would owe no one,
No one would owe us,
We would be free of the devil’s strings,
We do not owe him
He stole all that we had,
Turned it into cash,
Hands it back to us
From his filthy stash.
So we pretend it’s ours,
When the earth already was,
We sold it down the drink
Now the waters are beginning to stink.
The fish are beginning to die.
Your money going to bring
One fish back to life?
The fields are flooding,
The locusts are wide,
The harvests have died
Before they matured.
Will your coinage get you
One seed to grow?
The mountains are sliding
Into the seas, and along with them,
So goes the trees.
How will they print more bills
When they please?
Or build houses, light fires,
Clean the air, hold the land together.
We are short on trees.
When there is no money
We will all live on farms,
Feeding our livestock,
Safe from all harms.
Harvests will be bountiful
Right outside our doors,
Hanging from our windows,
Flowers and bees galore.
Morning songbirds will greet us
Edelweiss will meet us.
We will sing of freedom,
We will sing of love,
We will lift our voices
To our Father above.
He will give us living waters
Flowing from His Throne,
We will observe His Sabbath
We will all be His Own.
The animals will love us
And sing their own song,
We will love them
And all get along.
It will be our home,
The Garden of Eden,
From it we will not roam,
Why would we even?
We will have what we desire
From our Ever Loving Sire,
And we are living in the world,
Seeing what it has unfurled,
Who wants that anymore?
When a red ripe tomato
Is calling from the door?

Neither their silver nor their gold
Will be able to deliver them
In the day of Jehovah’s fury,
But by the fire of His zeal
The whole earth will be devoured,
Because He will make an extermination,
Indeed, a terrible one,
Of all the inhabitants of the earth.
Zephaniah 1:18
Revelation 21

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