NOW! – Ruth Johnson


Feb 9, 2020 3:37 PM
Ruth Johnson
Not The Flood,
The floods.
Here and there
All over the earth, cars and bridges
Washed away, cattle and camels
Almost every day.
Fish are jumping out onto roads,
The Lord dumped a plague of toads
Onto Palm Springs or thereabouts,
Some get locusts,
Yet most still doubt.
Not The Exodus,
But the same plagues
That befell Egypt
Are befalling us again today,
Hail, tornadoes, flies and gnats,
Frogs and locusts,
How do we not focus?
We pretend it is normal!
The Bible tells us otherwise,
It is the end days
We can see it happening,
What more proof do we need?
Our Father in Heaven Loves us,
But He can only take so much
Before He brings His fist down.
He is the Best Father
There could ever Be,
For He protects His children
From evil we do not see.
If one of His children kills another,
And remember they are all His,
Is He just supposed to let it happen?
He has up until now,
But Abel has been crying
In a voice up to his Father
Please do not allow Cain’s seed
To live on earth any longer.
Cain spilled Abel’s blood,
What gave Him the right?
Not their Father.
Cain lost the fight.
He went on and lived,
Fathered many sons,
They are still with us,
But the battle has begun on earth,
As it has been fought in Heaven.
But Satan gets his day
To rule the earth completely,
It is not a place you want to stay
And see the destruction
he has planned for you.
It has been long under construction,
He is about to collect his due.
He hates you, wants to kill you,
But torture you first,
And blame it all on you,
Say you deserve it,
You sin, you are rotten, you are cursed,
You do not deserve Heaven,
No, he wants you to come with Him,
To hell.
And you can go if you want to,
If you think it is like disneyland
You would be close,
But it is hotter,
Real demons slither around
Eat your flesh, whisper in your ears
We got you! We got you!
Tell you the Lord of Spirits
Does not come here!
He never cared for you
Or you would not be here!
But we are here! You can see us!
Where is He? He forsook you!
Just call His Name!
My Father Yahushua!
God of Abraham,
God of Isaac,
God of Jacob,
Or just scream Jesus!
He would come last moment,
Dive down to the pits of hell
To pull you out,
If you truly mean it.
After all, He owns it.
He proves satan a liar
And that is not hard to do
For he is the father of lies
And cannot always hide it.
The Truth is a Light
That reveals dark corners,
The dark cannot quench it
It shines on its own,
Fueled by the Source
Of all in existence,
Our Eternal Father,
He will go the distance.
He is the Distance.
Why wait?
Call Him now!
He will hear you!
You do not know when you shall die,
And you do not know how!
Do not risk landing in hell!
Call for Him

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    I love this poem !!!

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