Plague – Ruth Johnson


Feb 11, 2020 4:59 PM
Ruth Johnson
Not The Wrath,
Those are the bowls,
But a plague, nonetheless,
And when you observe
How it unfolds
The supposed cure
Will be worse than the rest.
Medical martial law,
Quarantine, lockdown,
Enforced vaccinations,
This virus is a game changer,
Best to cancel your vacations.
Food and water will be needed
If you are locked into your house,
They are doing it in China,
Quiet as a mouse.
Doors chained from the outside,
Or just welded shut.
Cruise ships not allowed to dock
And let the people off,
Even if they are all healthy,
Do not even have a cough.
I hear you joke, I hear you mock,
Oh, this has happened before!
Yes it has, Spanish flu,
The one that started in Kansas.
Test runs, as is this one,
You are all just guinea pigs
In their little house of horrors.
You think this one will not affect you
Until you are flat on your back
And hopefully you will look up
And see the cure you lack.
The cure lies with Me,
The Creator, your Maker,
Sickness does not defeat Me.
But you could succumb
If you do not know
How very much You need Me.
This virus is demon wrought
Unleashed upon humanity,
Sprayed out of airplane wings,
Then blamed on the passengers
Who pay for their tickets
Then become a part of the insanity.
Not only this, it mutates
Into deadlier strains,
Hospitals will be prisons of death,
The rest locked up in chains.
Are you prepared for this?
Will you call My Name?
I AM the Great Physician,
The Holder of the Key,
The One the son of perdition
Dreads, and so should thee.
I AM the Only One
Who can save you from the plagues,
I AM the Only One
Who can lift you from your graves.
Pray against this sickness,
It is not from Me,
Pray, pray, pray,
To lessen its severity.
Soon, very soon, My Son’s Light Army
Will rise and shine
And disarm the enemy.
I Will give them My Power
I promised long ago,
They will perform works
The world has never known.
They are strategically placed
And ready to face
The ugly, evil foe,
And bring My children home.
Remember Paul’s race?
Hebrews Chapter twelve?
They are running it.
Remember Ephesians?
Chapter 6, verses ten and on?
They have their armour on.
They learned My process,
My children of light,
The ones who confess
Me as their God,
My Son Whom I Blessed
To be their Savior,
Those who worked hard
To change their bad behavior
And dropped the pretense
That they might prevail
Without Me, their Creator,
They know they would fail.
Do not take this plague lightly,
People are dying,
You should all be crying,
Or at least trying
To halt it with prayers
Before it comes up your stairs
And you are locked in
Like the people in China.
And keep it in mind
If the sickness does not kill you,
Their so called cures will.
This is viral warfare
On a mass scale,
Run under My wings
My Son, Jesus, hail!
Even if you are found by death,
And you are breathing your last breath,
Cry to Him, He does not rest.
And if I AM your Physician,
I Will raise you up
And set you in position
Following your transition
To perfect health.
Their virus is stealth.
Named for the crown
They long to attain
But they put it on themselves
And it will not remain.
They think they are kings,
Princes and queens,
Acquiring all the wealth,
But they are sickness spreading filth.
Stay out of their clutches,
And if you fall in,
Call to Jesus, He will step in.
He is My Chief Medic,
Your only Savior,
Pray, you people
For My Favor!
Pray, you people,
For the lost in the land,
Pray, pray, pray
For all to understand,
You need to love each other!
You need to love Me!
You need to love My Son!
He will set you free!
We long to save you,
It is why We made you,
For your blessed company!
Please, if you are sick now,
Call on Me now,
And I Will heal thee!
Revelation 21:4, Ezekiel 34

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  1. Blaze Austin Tilley

    Favorite poem so far ❤

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