I Will Heal Thee – Ruth Johnson

I Will Heal Thee

Feb 11, 2020 6:39 PM
Ruth Johnson

Are you sick?
Are you down?
Is there no one else around?
Are you tired?
By the scenery in your town?
Do you lack
Basic needs?
Warmth of friendship,
Is it cold?
Are you old?
Do your children never see
You are alone
In your home
Maintaining dignity?
Is it night?
Are you all right?
Did you pray to Me?
Bedtime prayers,
Please be there
Watching over me?
For the haunts
They all want
To slither and to creep,
Through your dreams,
And they are mean,
Pray your soul I keep.
And if you die before you wake,
Pray your soul I take.
I Will heal thee,
They will not steal thee
And take you to their fiery home.
I Will heal thee,
I Will hold thee,
You will be one of My Own.
You must kneel, though,
And call to Me, though,
If you want to see My Throne.
I AM your Savior
I AM your Hope
I AM your lifeboat,
Your safety rope.
You will not fall now
If you call on Me now,
I AM awake to take your call now.
I AM your Father,
You have no other,
But there are many fakes.
Do not fall now
For their false bravado,
They are liars,
They are snakes.
The airplanes fly now
And spray the sickness
Blame the passengers,
Compile a list
Of those infected
By their new virus,
This one will be
More hit than miss.
Do you hear now?
It is coming near now,
Soon to visit
Your home town.
And the cure
Will be a killer,
They are loading their needles now.
Their facilities
Designed to hold you
That you will run to
May be your last stand.
I Will heal thee.
I AM the Only one Who can.
I Will heal thee,
I Will restore the land.
I made it in the first place
And gave it to the human race
But angels fell from heaven
Want to usurp My Place!
That is not happening.
In the meantime
There is soon to be a mean time
When the entire human race
Will get to see their enemy
And they may finally
Seek My Face.
he is making you sick now
To pull off his big trick now
To herd you into camps.
If you are sick now
To him you are a cow now
With no way to jump
his electric fence.
So heed My warning,
Do not be a cow
Be the human I Made you to be,
To subdue the beasts,
To tend the Garden,
To create children for Me,
To love each other,
To love your Brother,
To walk and talk with Me
In the cool of the day,
And do not stray.
I Will heal thee
If you kneel to Me
And embrace My Holy Sovereignty.
All of My subjects
Do not fall ill,
They live on forever
In perfect health.
So do not fall now
For their evil plans now,
They are very bad company.
I Will heal thee
In all thy ways
If you would only
Come to Me!

Revelation 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven saying: Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

Genesis 1:26-28, 3:8
1 Peter 2:24, 25
Isaiah 53:3-5


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