Do Take My Life And Let It Be – Brian Ethier

Do Take My Life And Let It Be

Feb 12, 2020 3:25 PM
Brian Ethier

Do take my life and let it be,
All consecrated, O Father Yahuah Elohim, all to Thee;
Do take my moments and all of my days,
And let them flow in endless praise.

Take my hands and let them move to serve daily,
Always at the impulse of Thy love in true liberty;
Do take my feet and let them be,
So swift and beautiful now always towards Thee.

Do take my voice and do let me sing,
Forever for my Creator and for my Savior King;
Do take my lips and let them be,
All filled with messages that come from Thee.

Do take my silver and take my gold,
And not a smite would I withhold;
Do take my intellect and may You use,
Every power as You shall choose.

Do take my will and make it Thine,
As it shall no longer be mine;
And do take my heart, now it is all Thy own,
For now it shall be Thy Royal Throne.

Do take my love, O Great I AM, as now I pour,
All at Thy feet its treasure store;
And do take myself and I will be,
Ever now, only, all but all for Thee.

Do take my life and let it be,
Do take my life and let it be,
Do take my life and let it be,
O Father Yahuah the Almighty!

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  1. Ruth Johnson

    Oh Brian! I am so excited to meet you at the Great Gathering! Your songs are an inspiration, knowing others are giving up themselves for Him, that is not something us humans are that good at. We tend to like our own selves! I like myself better since I have worked at letting Him take over. What a relief! I was not making the greatest life choices without Him! Hang in there! Much love, Ruth

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