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Prayer Availeth Much – Ruth Johnson

Prayer Availeth Much

Feb 13, 2020 11:27 AM
Ruth Johnson
Confess your trespasses
To one another
That you may be healed.
The effective, fervent prayer
Of a righteous man
Availeth much.
James 5:16

My Son had a setback,
Was really healing well
From his aortic dissection
He received a month ago.
It has become infected
And he may have to go
To surgery again.
They are watching him tonight,
Hoping in the morning
It may be all right.
Prayer availeth much.
A whirlwind is starting up,
From the ground I feel it,
The wind is different,
More intense.
The prophets warnings
Coming swifter
Pushing at the fence.
The owl is screeching,
satan’s hand is reaching,
Prayer availeth much.
Please do not forget me
When You come, my Lord,
Here AM I, waiting for You,
Weilding Your Word sword,
Writing down my pain
And sending it into the air
By clicking the little plane
To my brothers and sisters who care.
I pray it reaches them
Wherever they may be
For, I see,
Prayer availeth much
And I pray they pray for me,
But much more for my son.
And I thank Thee.
And I thank them.
Sometimes we are just too close
For the bigger scene to see,
Totally miss the forest,
Only see one tree.
When your child is in peril,
Sick or in pain,
It is hard not to crumble,
Drown in the rain.
Prayers are the umbrella
Held over your pain
Until you get yourself together
And remember how to pray again.
Prayer availeth much.
Our Father says rejoice!
This will be over soon!
Oh, and I believe Him,
As I sit and write and cry,
And ask why?
Why him?
He is grateful to be alive!
Felt really good
For about the first time,
His breastbone healed,
O, my Lord, take Good care of him!
Your Will be done, Lord,
There is nothing I can do,
But pray to You!
And reach out to Your prayer warriors
Who also pray to You
For they all know
Prayer availeth much,
They know just what to do.
Avail, my Lord, means,
And I know You know,
But I looked it up
In my thesaurus.
It said to benefit, advantage, profit,
Serve, work for, answer,
Fill, fulfill, meet, satisfy,
Availeth sums it up,
And prayers do all these things,
They hope the infection
Disappears overnight.
You are Lord of night and day,
You are Lord of germs,
You are Lord of Words
And Your Word confirms
You can do anything!
Nothing is impossible for You!
Elijah stopped the rain
When he prayed to You!
That is why I no longer cry,
I will simply praise you,
Exalt and laud You,
Thank You early,
We are truly blessed.
And yes,
We may pray to You
And prayer availeth much.

O, My darling daughter,
I have heard your cry!
Why ask why?
You know I Love you!
That I Am nearby!
I told you see that mountain?
Pray to Me and you can move it!
Prayer availeth much!
Much more than you know!
Stick with Me!
Do not let Me go!
Hard times are coming to all,
Much rain and pain,
I AM your Umbrella!
I AM your Wings!
My Son is coming soon!
Please be prepared.
You wait for Him,
It is true,
But trouble will be there!
Remember! The rain is also Mine!
Remember! I ride on the wind!
Remember! I will not lose you!
You are precious to Me
And I Love your son!
He is one learning the hard way,
But he has just begun,
He is young!
But he is one
Who will bring many to their knees.
Thank you for your praise,
Wisely use your days,
Be still and listen to Me.
It will not be long,
Please write a song
About how much you miss Me.
I miss you, too,
But you still have much to do.
And prayer availeth much.
Your brothers and your sisters
Are there to stand with you,
You stand with them,
My Chosen One among you.
Be steadfast, it is perilous times,
And I Love you all
So much.
Trust Me.
I AM your Father!

James 5:13-18
Luke 18:27
Mark 11:22-24

Thank you, everybody.
His name is Blaze.

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  1. Ruth Johnson

    Thank you again, everyone! The infection is not in his heart, but somewhere else! They are watching him, there is a small leak but think it will heal. If it does not the surgery to fix it is not open heart again. Hallelujah! I have to write a song.
    Love you all,

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