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Not The Enemy! – Ruth Johnson

Not The Enemy!

Feb 16, 2020 5:01 PM
Ruth Johnson

O, my Lord! I am alarmed!
This seed satan has sown,
This sickness, my Lord,
And calling it our own!
Saying it is us
Spreading his vile seeds!
O, my Lord, we will turn on each other!
Just as Your Word decrees!
The comments I hear
From people around
Are that other people
Need to be on lockdown!
If they were anywhere near
A person who has it
Before they even feel sick,
They are a grenade that must be exploded
Before the pin is pulled!
There is no blood test,
Apparently it is invisible,
Cannot be diagnosed
Until the symptoms show.
It is a lot like pneumonia,
But through the air can flow.
We breathe it in, it could be anywhere!
Blown by the wind
Just like contrails,
Shot in the air from super bowl stages.
I know You said something would trigger,
And this epidemic will only get bigger,
But how are people to see?
We are not the enemy!
There is one, he wants to kill us,
We should be fighting him!
I, for one, am sick of him!
And I know he will not win
In the end.
If only we would focus
On who is attacking
And not be counting on
Government backing,
For the world leaders
Are sorely lacking
Compassion and morality,
For they are in bed
With the enemy!
This virus is simply a reason
To call open season
On anyone with a cough!
O, my Lord, please hear me!
I am praying for the lost!
To open their eyes,
To realize,
What ignorance truly costs!
Their lives are at stake
If they trust the authorities,
Which, by the way, means
Authors of reality,
And go into their quarantine,
They will not make it back out!
And of course, the virus will be blamed,
It is just another way
To herd us onto cattle trains!
We should look at this
Like Krystallnacht,
Here the genocide begins!

O, My people, run to Me,
Run away from quarantine,
Once they have you
You will not go back home,
They will make certain
You are dead.
Run to Me instead!
You are not the enemy!
Unless you choose to be!
That one fell long ago
In defiance of Me!
He wants to slay
The ones I Love,
he hates you with a passion!
he wants you to worship him
In his sick, twisted fashion!
he is headed for the lake of fire,
he wants you to go with him,
Do not go, come to Me!
This virus is just the start,
Do not be faint of heart,
Be strong, be true,
I Will tell you what to do!
You are not the enemy!
And I Love you!
I do not love him!
I Will keep him away from you
If you do not let him in!
The seeds he has sown
Are all his own,
And he is blaming you!
The weeds he has grown
Are soon to be thrown
Into the fire with him!
The crematoriums in Wuhan
Are running around the clock,
The air is toxic, stinks of death,
You can barely see through the smoke!
My people, this is no joke!
Be prepared to stay in your homes,
My angels are stationed,
You will not be alone.
Do not go to their quarantines,
And if they take you,
Pray to Me!
I Will not forsake you!
You are not the enemy!
Yahushua the Warrior God

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