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Hard to Not Fear – Ruth Johnson

Hard to Not Fear

Feb 20, 2020 1:55 AM
Ruth Johnson

Poor light,
Filtered through thick clouds.
Each day gets darker
Harder to see,
Each night seems longer,
Weighing on me.
I awaken in the stillness
Of early, early morning,
Nothing is stirring,
No noise to hear,
Everyone is sleeping.
But I sense a creeping,
A slither and a hiss.
Hard to not fear.
Dawn comes slowly
Strange sky colours
Sultry atmosphere,
Heavy and hot.
In the stillness,
Roosters crowing,
Time to get up,
See what the day’s got
In store for us.
Will it be a bust?
Will the cops come?
Will the war drums drum?
Earthquake? Tsunami? Fire?
Flood? Hurricane? Situation dire?
Or just another day
Of waiting on tenterhooks?
How does the sky look?
When will He be here?
Giants are loose!
Hard to not fear.
O my Lord in Heaven!
Soon coming down to earth!
For this the final battle,
Bringing All You are Worth!
And That Would Be Everything.
It is all in Your Hands,
We must all look up,
We must all stand.
The demons will be rampant,
People will see them,
Believers they will be,
Only Jesus can free them.
Chaos will reign,
Our fighting will be in vain,
Angels will be there,
Praise the Lord they care!
Darker by the day,
Calmer every night,
Right before the storm.
When the lightning strikes
Then the thunder rolls,
First to light the dark,
Then the battle unfolds.
We are more than conquerors,
We have already won,
The ones who have lined up
Behind the Son.
You still have a chance,
But darkness is descending,
The world as we know it
Is ending.
Battle lines are drawn
What side are you on?
The one that has already won?
When the light is gone,
The demons at your door,
Who will you call?
Who will hear?
Hard to not fear.
Be wise, join the Living,
The ones frantically forgiving
Everyone who has done them wrong.
Come on, be wise,
Join Jesus’s Army,
We are small but strong.
He will quell your fear.
He will keep you near.
He will never lose you,
He has made that clear
In His Word.
He is the Only One
That should be
Hard to not fear.

Message to my daughter, June 2017.

Are you ready? Now that you are finally hearing. There are going to be kings upon kings rising against nations upon nations. You are all going to gather and you will rise with your brothers on your left and your brothers on your right. And you will look up and there will be a king of many men on your right. You will look up to your left and there will be a God of Light. And all these men on your right will bow down to the God of the Light on your left. And then everything will be good.

The king of many men, all those men, will throw down their swords. They will pick them up and try to place them in their own backs but the Lord of the Light will take their hands and move them and they will put them down. And during this time, I Will bring every one of the many back, and you shall stand with the Father and the Lord of the Light, and you will stand with your people. All 144,000 of you will stand with the Lord. And you will stand in front of your people of many. And within all these things the scrolls will be sealed.


The scrolls are opening.

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