You Found Me – Ruth Johnson

You Found Me

Feb 19, 2020 11:32 PM
Ruth Johnson

In those days shall
The elect and holy race
Descend from
The upper heavens
And their seed shall then be
With the sons of men.
Enoch received
Books of indignation,
And wrath,
And books of hurry
And agitation.
Enoch 39:1
I do believe, my Lord,
You sent me from Heaven,
A great honor bestowed
On a servant who did not know
How much I would miss You.
Born behind the veil
Where truth has not prevailed,
Taught lies in school,
Not The Golden Rule,
Politicians revered,
Authorities feared,
The ones with the guns
From whom we cannot run.
War after war
Fought and no one won,
I started to ask,
Is there meaning to this?
This here existence
We call our life?
When I still called my life mine,
I did not know I missed You.
Then I started falling,
My choices were appalling!
When I think back on them
I become much chagrined.
I made so many mistakes,
Jumped into the devil’s lake,
Never going to do that again!
For I looked around for You,
Or for, at least, what was True,
Went to see a guru
In Italy.
I was nineteen, he was twenty one,
He had a wife and a baby son,
Myriads of followers
From many different nations,
Lots of nice cars
Gifted by his congregations.
We were in Ostia,
Near the vatican,
The guru told us, Jesus is dead.
His bones are right over there.
He said, I am alive!
Sitting right here!
(he always sat on stage)
Follow me instead!
I thought, no,
For I knew,
Although I had not found You yet,
That was just not True.
There was more I went through
Searching for You.
Then You found me!
Glory Be!
How did that happen?
At first I pretended
You had not found me.
I wanted to test the waters,
Do not like to get in
Higher than knee deep
For I am terrified of otters
That might resemble
Sharks or snakes.
Anyway, I let You in,
You would not stop knocking,
Night and day, what can I say?
That was You talking!?!
All along!?
And I did not know it?!!
He said: Yes!
Every time you said: O, Lord,
What am I going to do?
I Told you!
I AM the fastest voice,
The First you hear in your mind
Immediate and quiet!
And then you would doubt Me,
Think it was yourself!
Why? Were My ideas too Good?
I said: Yes, my Holy Father,
They are nothing this world
Teaches us to do.
They are peaceful,
They are kind,
They are loving,
And they work.
And O, my Father,
Here am I,
Glad I finally heard You,
Pulled myself
Out of this world,
Am blessed to hear
And write Your Words,
Am I glad I found You?!?
Yes!!! Do not be absurd!
And anyway,
You first found me!
(As if You did not Know
Where I was the whole time!)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
He saved us and called us
With a holy calling,
Not by reason of our works,
But by reason of His Own Purpose
And undeserved kindness.
This was given us in connection
With Christ Jesus
Before times long-lasting.

2 Timothy 1:9

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