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Setup – Ruth Johnson


March 5, 2020 1:00 PM
Ruth Johnson

My children do you realize?
You are being set up?
The virus is a start,
It will change your world!
It is time to wake up and get up!
Did you see what they did in Spain?
A parade with a crematorium train?
Nazi costumed marching in front?
Striped prisoners dancing behind?
A dual smokestack train?
My people, see what they do?
They are shoving it in your faces!
You are partying your ways
Straight into the end of your days!
They are cremating people in China
Before they have fully died!
Wake up! Get up!
You are being set up!
With the excuse you must die
So you do not spread it?
They have already done it!
Your enemy is doing it!
This has been a longtime plan
To depopulate the world!
Every child, woman and man
Must understand
This is evil!
Do not trust them!
They are authorities
Authoring your realities
They mimic Me with words.
Do you really believe
This is how I want you to live?
In fear for your lives?
You have let your enemy
Plant both feet in the land
You were meant to cultivate for Me!
You have let your enemy
Sacrifice your children
Instead of cherishing them
As I Do!
You have let your enemy
Conquer you!
What are you doing?!
Wake up! Get up! Look up!
You in America
Proud and sure
This virus madness
Will not reach your shores,
That is China,
They are always messed up,
Their government is out of control.
Well, so is yours!
They all are!
Look at your national debt
If you are not convinced yet!
How many clues do you need
Before you open your eyes to see
You are absolutely doomed
If you do not know Me!?
How many warnings
Do you need?
Are you deaf, blind and dumb?
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
And there will be none?
You have got to be kidding Me!
Did I Make you this way?
No! I Made you to say:
Get thee behind me satan!
thou shalt not win the Day!
Our Brother is stronger,
Our Father is backing Him!
Recognize Us!
Look for Us!
Listen for Us!
Call to Us!
We Are Here!
And more than anything
We want to save you!
But there is nothing
We can do for you
If you do not ask Us to!
The locusts.
Have you noticed them?
They are hard to miss.
They are eating all the crops
And did you think about this?
The cattle eat the crops,
They will starve with you,
The stench from the deaths
That will cover your lands
Can also kill you!
The water will turn bitter,
No drinking it at all,
How long will you wait
Before making that important Call?
Lord! Save us!
You are the Only One Who can!
Lord! Save us!
Every child, woman, man!
Lord! Save us!
The world is in Your Hands!
Why are you waiting?
This world satan has been creating
Will kill you all!
Except for the ones he keeps as slaves,
To burn the bodies and dig mass graves,
To breed more babies for his supper table,
And so many of you do not realize
You are the ones who are able
To stop him!
Not on your own,
But united with each other,
Sisters and brothers
Fighting with My Son.
He brings myriads of warrior angels
All prepared for battle,
They are taking this seriously
While you are behaving like cattle!
Doing everything you are told to
By the ones you’ve sold your souls to
And their entire desire
Is to bring on your demise!
Open your eyes!
We did not make you stupid,
Jesus And I!
We made you in Our Image!
Open your eyes!
Read your Bibles
Before it is too late!
We are deep in the end
Of the final Book
Open it up and take a look!
America, you really think
Your supposedly blessed land
Won’t stink
Of death?
It already does!
The babies you have murdered,
I can smell their blood!
Your land is soaked with it!
I can hear their cries!
What have our parents done?
We are Your precious pearls,
And they threw us to the swine!
What if I cared for you like that?
Would you not question Me?
And yet you let your enemy
Do anything he please?!
Wake up! Get up!
Then get down on your knees!
I AM your Creator!
You have life because of Me!
Thank Me for it!
Praise Me for it!
All the life you see
Is precious to Me!
And should be to you!
But the enemy convinced you
There are too many of you
When in reality
There are too many of them!
They have been running the world
Since Eve’s deception,
But I AM here First
And I sent an Exception
To the sin you all do,
All of you born with it,
He was not!
His Father Is Me!
Not a deceived human
Destined for misery
In this fallen world,
satan the boss
At the horrible loss
Of countless human souls.
He Is your Ransom,
Paid with His Blood on the cross.
Adam was perfect,
That was what you all lost
In the Garden of Eden
And He paid the great cost.
A Sacrifice! My Son for you!
And what do you do?
Ignore it, pretend it is not True?
When that was the only thing
That could save you?
It still is.
But you have to ask Him,
Repent of your sins,
Pick up your cross,
Admit what Adam lost
Has been visited on you.
I Will Say it again,
I repeat Myself at least three times
In case You miss the first two.
You are being set up!
Get up it is a setup!
The great deceiver behind the veil
Where you cannot see him,
A snake in the grass
With one purpose only
To trick you all
Into becoming so lonely
Without Me in your lives,
That you go with him!
he wants you to believe
More than anything
That I do not Exist!
he wants to believe
More than anything
That I do not Exist!
When everything exists
Because of Me,
And he knows it,
Wants to destroy it
And you can avoid it.
History repeats itself.
This is the start of the holocaust
On a much grander scale,
Many more lives lost.
Wake up! Get up! Look up now!
I Will show you how
To defeat your enemy
It is the reason he hides his ugly face!
He knows My precious human race
Can easily defeat him
With their hearts and minds
In the right place.
That would be with Me,
satan’s sworn Enemy,
And My Illustrious Son
Has already won,
You can too
If you accept what He has done for you.
Grab your swords, put on your armour,
Fight the Good fight!
I Would Think you would be furious
And you would take this to be
Much more serious!
A setup? Come on!
You are too smart for that!
Wake up! Get up!
Climb up on My Lap!
My Son Will Save you!
It is time!
Do not let him trap you
When you are Mine!

Message to my daughter June 2017

This is your Father. This great battle is coming. And you will look and see and hear armies marching. There will be many feet hitting the floor, and they will all be crying out cries of war.

And you will turn and look, and you will see the eyes of your Lord. And He will bow His Head and shake. And He will point to the west and He will say many more are coming and with them, they will bring fire. And your people will throw rocks at them. And this will not work. And you will look around and there’s going to be no more rocks to be seen. And all of you will lift up your eyes and when you do this you will pray to the Lord in His Name and fire and hail will come down upon them. And then they will rise and you will be afraid but do not fear because the Lord is coming soon. And then you will turn and look and look! there He is! And all your people will be amazed! He will walk through the fire and the hail. And He will turn again and look at your people, and you will see they have fallen to their knees, singing the Song of Salvation. And you will turn yet again and look! All the bones have fallen to the ground, and the darkness has lifted and disappeared.

And yet again you turn once again to the Lord, and He lays resting, for He is tired. And you turn and look and your people are standing again. And they take His Body and lay it down and watch over Him. And in all these you turn and look and see it is Good.

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  1. Brian Ethier

    Ruth, I’d call this poem your very best one yet with so much vital information.

    The sad part is that many will never realize they’ve been set up and just go along and take the mark and at that instant it is too late for them.

    After seeing a post mentioning wild spruce to combat viruses: wild spruce needles by making a tea (boil water and then pour on spruce needles) so to conserve vitamin C , etc. There are many pure essential oils that fight many viruses: clove, cinnamon, manuka, ravensara, palmarosa, bergamot, eucalyptus, red thyme, tea tree oil, lemon, bay leaf, spruce, others.

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