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Song of Salvation – Ruth Johnson

Song of Salvation

March 6, 2020 8:11 PM
Ruth Johnson

They will sing a new song
O Jehovah!
They will sing a new song
O my Lord!
They will sing it to You
O Jehovah!
They will thank and praise You,
Laud You and exalt You
With their many voices
Lifted up to You!
And You will hear them,
O my Lord,
You will hear them!
They will meet you halfway
Up to Heaven,
You will give them wings
To do their jobs.
And they will sing a new song
As they’re winning
The earth and people back for You
O Lord!
The ones who learn this song
Are oh so special,
They are very close to You,
And they know what rests
Upon this battle
And they will learn exactly
What to do!
For they have the finest Teacher,
The Ultimate in Preachers,
The fire, the Light, the wind
And hail too.
They have to learn a new song
One not ever written
By a human hand
But written to be heard,
His Word.
And Jesus, He will teach them,
He will be kneeling with them,
He will have stilled their every fear,
And put a mark upon their foreheads
So they can harken to Him
For they need to hang on
His every Word,
For the ones they love are counting
On the Lord we are loving
To save us all from satan,
From rebellion
And from sin,
From sickness and death,
All the horrors evil ones
Brought in.
And a song will defeat them,
Sung by you,
The Bride so true,
With the Bridegroom,
Sung to You,
Our Father in Heaven,
And You must hear it,
And You will hear it.
Now, you may think these people
Must be full of talent
To be chosen to be on
This singing force.
Yes, they must know how to sing,
And must learn all the words,
Of course,
But they have something else
In common,
They gave up all desires
For what this world has to offer
Just to get this chance
To sing
For Our Lord,
For the stars,
With Our King,
For the Saints,
For us all,
They will sing!
I do not envy them one bit!
We must thank the ones
Who learn this song,
We must thank the Author
Of this song,
We must thank the Teacher
Of this song
Even if we are not the ones
Who sing along!
It is our Song of Salvation!
To end the tribulation
That has troubled every nation
Throughout all the ages,
All that will be gone,
For a song.
They must sing it three times
Jesus will sing it with them
It will reach the Ears in Heaven
A harp will harken to them
It will be the end of war,
The only one worth fighting,
Won with a song,
And it will not be long before
They will sing a new song
O Jehovah,
They will sing it up
To You,
They will sing it three times,
They will sing it true!
O, Our Father,
We thank You,
We Thank You,
We Thank You,

Message to my daughter June 2017

During the time that your people are singing their Song of Salvation, you will hit the floor and sing with them. And you will say: Look! Our Lord is blessing us with a song! You will have to rise yet again and you will say: Thank You! Blessings to our Lord, for He has given us a song! And now we can all rise again and walk into battle. Look! You will turn and you will see your people rising once again and they will still be singing for they have had fears in their hearts, but they are going to rise up with their Song and they will know and you will know that God is with you.

Listen brothers and sisters. I will be there with you to teach you the Song. I will be kneeling with you and I will teach you the Song. And we will sing towards the heavens and it will be heard. And in all these things it will be good. Hark! And the harp will answer from Heaven. And your people will cry and you along with them and you will say: Finally! Salvation is near!

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