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I Miss You – Ruth Johnson

I Miss You

March 8, 2020 4:00 PM
Ruth Johnson

O, I miss You, my Father,
But You gave me friends,
Friends good and true,
And the list never ends.
But please, my Father,
May I remind some to You?
For, oh, how I miss them too!
David is my friend,
Oh, boy, what did you do?
When you had your friend Uriah killed
My heart broke for you.
But you fell on your face,
You lost your babe.
You showed me it is okay
To dance before the Lord.
I miss you David,
I pray you see
How very much
You mean to me.
Elijah, how about you?
Hiding in a cave
Far away from the evil queen,
The Lord found you there and asked:
Elijah, why are you here?
His Voice was not in the wind
His Voice was not in the earthquake
His Voice was not in the fire,
It was a still, small Voice.
I miss you, Elijah,
When you ran and hid,
You taught me how
To listen for Him.
Jonah? What can I say?
You hold a special place in my heart.
I have run, too, and much like you,
Was spit up on a beach
After days of darkness,
A life lived in starkness,
I saw the Light, just like you,
And did what I was supposed to do.
I miss you, Jonah,
And you know what’s more?
I have sat under that fig tree.
O Lord! Forgive me!
Mary, O my Father, Mary.
I cannot wait to see Mary.
I want to look into her eyes,
See how deep they are,
And say: Mary, oh Mary,
I love you.
And how sorry am I
That they worshipped you
When your Son died on that cross.
Please forgive them?
They know not what they do?
Well, they should by now.
Gideon and his three hundred men
Are my friends.
So are the apostles, the saints,
The holy angels,
But please, my Lord,
May I speak of Abraham?
Abraham our patriarch,
Tested to the extent
We were never asked to.
To sacrifice his boy,
His only child with Sarah,
The only one You gave them,
And this was the key.
He knew Isaac belonged to Thee.
But O my Lord, he showed us
What true faith can cost,
And without our father Abraham
We would all be lost.
You would not have a nation
To call Your very Own,
To live in Your Kingdom,
Your Son on the Throne.
O my Father, how I miss You!
And I want to come Home!
I miss Hannah, Noah, Enoch,
Seth, Abel, Shem
O my Lord, I told You,
The list goes on and on.
But they are easy to look up,
They are in Your Books,
And I have collected them
As You told me to.
And I read all about my friends
And my enemies too.
My friends and I have one thing in common,
We all love You.
And You Love us too.

You are My family!
My children true!
Of course I Love you!
And I have a Feast
Waiting and prepared,
And I cannot wait
For you all to be there!
But it is not time yet,
There are some lost yet,
Help them come Home!
Show them the Love
I Give to you,
Let your Light shine
Through and through
The darkness coming
The war drums drumming,
I AM counting on you,
So are your friends,
They miss you too,
But know you all have work to do.
O I Love you through and through,
My Glory will shine mightily
Through You.
I give you Words,
That is your sword,
But soon you will be plowing,
I give you My Word.
So keep on writing,
That is what you do,
And I Will keep on Saving
All of you,
The ones to attend
My Wedding and Feast,
O My children,
The first will be the least!
Your Father in Heaven

Message to my daughter June 2017.

This was given right after the message following the poem The Storm.

In the days after these, when My Son is there, this is when you’ll go door to door and gather your people, and as they leave their houses they will put a mark on their door, and they will turn and kiss their families and they will rise up together and you will march and meet the cries and you will be scared. And once you are gathered you will fly up and you will yell: We are doing this in the Name of the Father, do not fear, we are doing this in the Name of the Father! You must tell them again, you will have to do it three times. You are doing this in the Name of the Father and I AM with you. And they will turn and look and say: There He is now! And I will walk through your people and touch them on their heads. As they left a mark on their doors, I will leave a mark on their forehead and they will be calm and wait. For We will march into battle the next day.
Your Brother, Jesus

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