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Peace Bus – Ruth Johnson

Peace Bus

March 12, 2020 3:13 PM
Ruth Johnson

evil is as evil does
evil does a lot
evil does as evil is
evil’s always hot to trot.
O my Lord! You are the One
To discuss this subject with!
Please, my Lord, the spirit realm
Is what You Deal with!
Let’s make a deal!
I will follow You,
You point out who
Is evil and who is not
For I cannot see them,
Would not want to be them!
But You Know exactly
who and where and why and what they are.
Good Deal!
Thank You!
Okay, my Lord, here am I,
On board
This Bus with You adrivin’
I will not get off
When You make stops
For new folks just arrivin’,
Even if they do not smell so great
And in this world they ain’t athrivin’,
They can sit by me
On this Bus You are adrivin’.
I will give them water
Fresh and pure to drink
I will give them food
And never, ever think
I brought it on myself
In a backpack or a sink,
For the Bus You are adrivin’
Is equipped with all these things
For You Will not drive on deprivin’
Us of Good Things.
So here we are astrivin’
To stay on your bus
When lice may well be residin’
Here with us,
But You know where they’re hidin’
And we all trust
If You are desirin’
To get them off of us
You Will do it in a twinkle
Of Your Awesome Eye,
And You Will not leave a tiny wrinkle
On our robes of shiny white
If You choose to dress us
For our Bus ride.
And we will not make a fuss
On Your Bus.
evil iss as evil duss.
We will feel safe
On Your Bus.
Your Bus is big,
It never ends,
There are seats
For all our friends.
There is peace
On Your Bus
It is called
The Peace Bus.
There is Mercy,
Justice and Love
On Your Bus.
It drives over the demon’s heads,
Makes sure they are dead,
Like worthless speed bumps
On the road to Success.
evil was as evil did.
Foiled by the riders,
The super good deciders
Of when to stay
And when to go
And Lord, You are the Very Best
Of Drivers!
So, do not think twice
When the Bus stops for you
Hop on with your lice!
We had them too!
Our Lord is adrivin’
Soon we will all be athrivin’
In His Kingdom be arrivin’
And you can come too!
Get on The Bus!

My children! I AM so happy to Talk to you! Focus! There are many distractions! They will get worse!
You are on a bus! Seats facing forward! Focus on Me! Love each other! You are safe on My Bus! You are safe with My Son! Love each other! Let’s get this thing done!
My Bus has windows
You can see out
Unlike the evil ones
You ride in the dark.
My Bus Lights up
From within
For My precious cargo
Is Lit up from within!
My Son is telling
You all what to do
Like summer camp
With My Holy Crew!
How’s that? And you can come too!
You can go swimming,
Learn how to fish,
Bring in a harvest,
Build a bonfire
That never subsists.
A Family reunion,
A picnic in the park,
A time when Our Union
Is heralded by the lark!
Not the nightingale, O my Lord!
You will sing songs
Composed by Me,
The Music and the Words
My Son will teach to thee!
It will be all kumbaya,
O Lord, Come By me,
And I Will,
And you will see
My Voice is in the trees.

Message to me through my daughter, July 2017

Do not fear, child, you will hear whispers through the trees and they will give you instructions for I Created all these and they were Good. And you will hear whispers and you will doubt them and you will doubt yourself. And yet again I Tell you, when you hear the wind as whispers, the first time you will believe because you know this is your Father Speaking.

Message to my daughter:

Look up, child, you will fly and your hair will be dirty. You will come and meet Me and it will be clean.

Did you not hear the Words of My Father? You are going to be lifted up and be cleansed. Your dog will stay safe with the people who love him and he will come to Me.

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