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The Hole – Ruth Johnson

The Hole

March 11, 2020 2:10 PM
Ruth Johnson

It is time to come out of the hole
It is time to stop being a mole
Moles are blind
Do not see the sky,
It is time to come out of the hole.
The hole is a trap
If the flood waters come,
The fires rage through,
Lava or mud,
You need to be watching it all
From High Ground!
Not be down in the hole.
What is the hole? You ask.
Sin. Sin of all sorts and all of its kin.
Hiding in the dark, lurking and shirking Light and clean air,
Forgiveness forsaking for plans all nefare,
Hiding down there in the hole.
The demons live there.
They hide in holes
Burrowed all through the earth,
It is honeycombed,
For the evil spirits,
The ones who fell from Heaven,
Have hidden there
For thousands of years,
Connecting all the holes.
It is time to get out of the hole,
Take a good look around,
The sky is not so healthy,
The earth is a disgrace,
Parts of it are burning,
Flooding, cracking, and sinking
While sin is keeping pace.
Remember the musical
Paint Your Wagon?
When their greed sunk their town?
They had burrowed underground
To catch the falling gold dust,
The whole town crashed down
Into the hole.
Lee Marvin told the preacher
Who landed in front of him:
Welcome to hell!
And then moved on to another town.
Beware, you people, the more you sin
The further into the hole
You will slip in,
The harder it will be
To get out.
The Lord of Light is Calling to you,
He does not want to lose you
To darkness.
He Loves you.
He Hates sin.
He Will Not Tolerate sin around Him.
He is the Only One Who can pull anyone
Out of the hole.
Grab His Hand, He Will lift you
Out of the flood, tornado, fire, Blizzard, earthquake, volcano, hail, pestilence, famine, death, hell,
And He is begging us, me and you,
What are we going to do?
Many folks in this time of the end
Are digging themselves in deeper!
The edges of the hole
Longer and steeper!
Just when they should be praying
And reading God’s Word,
They are facebooking selfies,
Searching to be heard!
Sending out mating calls
To whoever may respond,
Someone to sleep with,
To distract from the fact
They are down in the hole
Bumping noses with
The rest of the moles,
The demons down deeper,
Waiting to snare you,
I mean, really! Should this not scare you?
Grab Jesus’ Hand!
Get out of the hole!
We are God’s children!
We are not moles!

My children, I must stress here, do not go in the hole of sin to get anybody you love out. It will not work and you will be right with them. Leave them and call to Me, I Know where they are. You call from High Ground. I Love you,

Message to my daughter, July 2017

My Voice comes in like thunder. The earth quakes and cries like thunder. You may not be ready but I Will take the skies and crash down upon the earth like thunder. It will be loud and you will worry that is demons. And I Will give you this song because I mean it:
I am scared, I am scared
But I’ll stand there
For all to see.
Your velvet chariot
Has danced before you
And you are afraid,
This path I’ve sent you.

My child, this is your Father speaking: Can you hear Me now? I AM taking the sons and the daughters, and your spirit will not rest, not yet. This is your time, they draw near, days upon days, they draw near. Days upon days they draw near, I Told you in the beginning, days upon nights they draw near.

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