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To Trouble We Run – Ruth Johnson

To Trouble We Run

March 11, 2020 5:03 AM
Ruth Johnson

To trouble we run,
If there is trouble
Beneath the sun,
To it we run.
For problems we pray
To stay away
Trouble still finds its way.
This world is chaotic,
No longer exotic,
Erotica got its sway.
It turned all sexual,
Straight and homo,
The gods of sodom,
The cities of sin
Let satan in
And he thinks that he might stay.
Oh, to turn away from it!
From hedonistic practices!
Which way do you go?
It is all invasive,
Oozing into spaces
In a steady flow!
And to trouble we run!
But that is not the way to go!
Trouble is politics,
Us against them,
Trouble divides us,
One side must win.
Separate and isolate,
Divide and conquer,
Anger the masses,
Give them something to shout about,
Divide the classes!
They are against us!
If we get our way we can fix this thing!
If we get them out of the way!
How did it get broken?
Fallen angels had their day,
Made a pact and followed through
Now they prey on me and you.
They are evil, through and through,
And live behind a veil.
They taught mankind all kinds of things
We had no business knowing;
Makeup, mirrors, jewelery, fears,
Armor, tanks, guns, spears,
Witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry,
Astrology, abortion, dividing roots and trees,
Family trees, that is, mixing DNA,
Animals with humans,
Themselves with it all.
They fathered children who were giants,
For angels are huge,
They were half human,
All males, all fierce,
Ravenous for blood,
And they are still here.
As in the days of Noah,
So are these.
But do not fear
For Jesus Christ is here.
He beat this foe
Long ago
He is their oldest Sibling.
He has known this angel from the start,
The blackness, hardness, coldness
Of his evil heart.
Jesus loves mankind,
He has from the start,
He died on the tree to save us
From the ones with the black hearts.
Please heed His call of mercy
Before it is too late!
We all need His mercy,
His Love to Unite Us!
Please do not wait!
Evil is snorting at the gate!
Trouble? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
Time to drop all hate!
And let Jesus in!
He is still knocking at our hearts,
And Love is the only way to win!

Message to my daughter, July 2017

Brothers, sisters, Our Father has told Us, He misses all of Us! It’s all going to be Heavenly! We’ll be dancing on the ends of strings! Our Father is Glorious and He lives in a time of hatred for Him.
Don’t you remember, I have told you what was coming. You shall stand firm and mighty and laugh!

Look up, child, you will fly, and your hair will be dirty. You will come and meet Me and it will be clean.

Did you not hear the Words of My Father? You are going to be lifted up and be cleansed. Your dog will stay safe with the people who love him and he will come to Me.

The fallen and what they taught men:
Enoch Chapter 8
Enoch 15:8
Enoch Chapter 68

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