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I See – Ruth Johnson


March 21, 2020 4:37 PM
Ruth Johnson

I SEE what you are doing
I Know what you have done
You are forever running
But you have nowhere left to run.
You are My Precious children,
The Apple of My Eye
But I Will no longer SEE you
If in your sin you die!
My Eye is Only Light
sin is only dark
The two cannot cohabitate,
One will lose out.
Let Me ask you something,
When you turn on a light
Is it still dark?
What wins?
The light or the dark?
I AM Light
I left the dark here
So you could know
What light is!
And to make it clear
To see what they are doing
And know what they have done
Lurking in the dark,
With nowhere else to run!
The evil, fallen angels
Have sharp rocks on their faces,
They cannot see the Light
But have covered all their bases.
The ones who love the night
Are working overtime
To let these convicts out
To further deceive you,
Put all My lights out.
Then you will live in darkness,
They will control the light,
Hit the switch whenever they like,
Turn the day into night.
I SEE where you are going
I Know where you have been
You are forever running
To not let Me in.
You know deep down
I AM the Judge
And you know you do wrong
But you are running through sludge! It is grabbing at your ankles
Soon to reach your knees
You will fall to them and cry out
Lord please!
Do you see me?
I am in quicksand!
Please grab my hand!
O Lord, hear me!
Keep me in Your Sight!
And I Will.
But I Will not pull you out
And drop you back in darkness,
You have to stay with Me,
And I Can Hear what your heart says.
If you just want to trick Me
To pull you out of something sticky
So you can dive back in
I May not respond too quickly.
I SEE what you are knowing
I Know what you once knew,
A childhood always running
To the next new thing to do.
Jumping in and out of puddles,
Making pies out of mud,
Now the earth is muddled
With bogs of babies’ blood.
Do you believe I want My Precious children
To be making pies out of blood?
You are forever letting
Your children dwell with swine,
The swine eating better,
But you do not want them home,
You are busy working
So you send them off to school
Where they reside in a prison
To learn the fallen’s rules.
When they do get home from school
There is no one there to greet them,
The tv turns on
And continues to teach them
How to live in a fallen world
And to be a success at it!
Meanwhile, their moms and dads
Are out practicing it!
Remember when Trump said
He would drain the swamp?
Well, the swamp will drain
But he will not do it,
I Will pull the plug,
The water will rush out of it
Then you will all be
Stuck in the mud
From sea to shining sea
On your knees
Screaming for Me!
Will I Hear?
Yes I Will,
But I Know the ones who mean it.
And the ones who do not.
Look around you, people,
Do you see?
The muck and mire rising?
The thunder and the lightning?
What the darkness is disguising?
Starving, slithering serpents,
Lusting for the Light,
Ravenous giants
Awaiting the right
To devour all My people
Living in My Light.
Do you see what I SEE?
I Know you do not.
The slaughter of innocent babes,
The imprisonment of innocent souls,
The culprits loose and thriving,
In the darkness writhing.
Have you ever been to war?
Or seen one in a graphic movie?
The destruction and the blood?
Or inside a mother’s womb
When her child is pulled for food
To feed the hungry masses
Of satan’s hungry brood?
I Gave you life
I Watched you fall!
I HEAR the voice
Of all who call!
And you know what I AM going to do?
I have been telling all of you,
But now I AM going to start
Showing you.
I Will shake the earth
To its very core
And the ones that think they can win it
Will be exposed like never before.
A darkness will descend
And envelope the land,
A darkness so evil
All will finally understand.
Like dead Roman candles
The demons will shoot out
Bringing no light with them,
They thrive in the dark.
But you will get to see them,
Time for talk is over.
It is time for you to see
What I SEE!
Then you will know
Why I told you from long ago
I SEE what you are doing
I KNOW what you have done!
It is almost too late
To have anywhere to run!
Run to ME!
Run to My Light!
I Gave you your sight!
I SEE you!
If you know Me
You will get through
The coming night!
The Lord of Light,
Jesus Christ

My children, this is your Father speaking. This coming darkness will be very great, something most of you have never known. My daughter here saw it for an instant in a vision and she knows what I AM telling you. It is a darkness she cannot describe. Many things are coming soon, the sun and moon are telling you. The stars are too. I AM coming very soon. I come in darkness for I AM too Light for you to see, but I must come down, it is time. Look for My Son in the clouds. You can see Him. And I See you! There is no darkness that can block My Sight, or My Fathomless Love for My own. Remember, remember, remember.


  1. Brian Ethier

    Ruth, do not go by the numbers of shared views and be discouraged by them for they are irrelevant. For this is an excellent poem even if some may be offended with some of the words. The importance is the messages in it. As to the fallen ones having “sharp rocks on their faces” maybe you could have chosen another word than rocks. Keep up the good work. Your brother, Brian

  2. Ruth Johnson

    Hi Brian! Thank you your comments! I should have said stones, Enoch 10:6-9 says: Again the Lord said to Raphael: Bind Azazyel hand and foot, cast him into darkness, and opening the desert which is in Dudael, cast him in there. Throw upon him hurled and pointed stones, covering him with darkness. There shall he remain forever. Cover his face that he may not see the light. And in the great day of judgment let him be cast into the fire.
    Good to hear from you!

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