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He Will Not Come – Ruth Johnson

He Will Not Come

April 2, 2020 8:04 PM
Ruth Johnson

He will not come
On Your judgment day
If you do not call Him
In advance.
When you stand before The Judge,
The Advocate holds
Your only chance.
The devil will be there
Accusing you,
And you will know
This is nothing new.
You see, he knows his fate,
he has nothing to lose,
However, he can gain you
If you let him,
And that is ALL he wants to do.
How would it have been?
How might it be?
To have that old accuser
Erased for eternity?
What if he had not
Shed light on every error
You made in your life
To bring his darkness there.
It would seep out to your families,
Smother your friends,
Turning them against you
So you are alone in the end.
What if he had never been here?
Would we live the way we do?
Populating skyscrapers
Like beehives to get through?
Believe we are queens,
Or at least a drone?
Did we really want to work
Eight hours a day?
Go to school for years and years
To make better pay?
So we could buy the things we need,
Like a car to drive to work,
A house full of gadgets,
A cruise upon the sea
To spark a little magic?
Well, it did.
This is satan’s world right now,
He has built it on sand,
Centuries of subterfuge
Perpetrated on our land;
The land our Father gave to us
And he slithered in and stole it.
That one has been judged,
he has been forsaken,
If you let this happen to you,
With him you will be taken
In fetters and chains
To the lake of fire
To eternally regret
You did not hire
The Advocate!
Before it was too late,
And only you and your accuser
Stand before the Judge.
I am pretty sure, at some time,
We have been to court
With a judge who works for satan,
They all do, of course.
It is a sinking feeling
If you did the crime,
But what if you did not
And you still serve time?
We know we are all guilty,
We all fall short
Of God’s Perfect Purpose
But, come on!
We have a Voice!
He will speak for us!
He is the only One Who can!
You will not have your lawyer there
When before that Judge you stand!
One great thing about Jesus,
You do not have to catch Him up
On all the things that happened,
All the suspects or the crime,
For He has been observing
For all time.
Each of our actions
Are recorded with the Sublime,
Our Heavenly Father,
Our Creator,
Our Friend.
There is a Book of Life,
May it have no end!

My children, He is waiting,
He wants to take your call,
He holds no office hours,
And He answers them all.
You will not owe Him money,
He has paid all costs
So His brothers and His sisters
Would not be lost.
I AM warning you
My Day of Judgment on My earth
Is coming very soon!
Make that call!
Do not wait!
You do not need a phone!
And you need to be alone!
Confess your crimes
Through Him to Me,
Beg for clemency.
Your filthy sin stained garments
Will be washed clean before Me.
His Blood He shed,
I had to watch it.
You did not see.
But that Blood
When it covers you,
And you will be exonerated
Even if your crimes are heinous.
Find a spot away from the rest,
Call Him, talk to Him,
All your sins confess.
He will know what to do,
He will listen and comfort you.
Talk to Me, too!
Or write me a letter!
Sing Me a song!
With words to let Me know
You long to belong
In Our Kingdom
Before the earth as you know it
Is completely gone.
Your Father,
Jehovah God

Call Me! I AM IN!
I work overtime!
Time and a half,
And then put in more time.
I work all the time.
My Job is to Save you
From satan’s black grasp
So call Me before
You take your last gasp!
I Can receive
Millions of calls
At one time
And not conference,
I Know every language!
I read minds and hearts!
I Am That Good at What I Do!
And I so want to
Do It for you!
Call Me!!!
You will be glad you did!
The devil’s world
Is flipping its lid!
I Will come to your defense,
But you have to call Me,
I Will not breach your fence.
Do not stand alone
In front of that Throne!
You need Me there
If you want to go Home.
Call Me!!!
My Number is…
Won won won won won won won.
My Father’s is…
Jesus the Advocate

And they sang a new song:
“You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because You were slain, and with Your Blood You purchased men for God, from every tribe and language and people and nation.
You have made them to be a Kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on earth.
Revelation 5:9,10

Then I saw a great white Throne
And Him Who was seated on it.
Earth and sky fled from His Presence,
And there was no place for them.
And I saw the dead, great and small,
Standing before The Throne,
And books were opened.
Another Book was opened
Which is The Book of Life.
The dead were judged
According to what they had done
As recorded in the books.
Revelation 20:11,12

Behold! He comes with ten thousand of His saints to execute judgment upon them and destroy the wicked and reprieve all the carnal for everything which the sinful and ungodly have done and committed against Him.
Enoch Chapter 2

But now I swear to you, righteous, by the greatness of His Splendour and His Glory, by His Illustrious Kingdom and by His Majesty, to you I swear that I have read the tablet of Heaven, have seen the writing of the Holy Ones, and have discovered what is written and impressed on it concerning you.
Enoch 103:1

And now, my children, do not say our father is standing before God and is praying for our sins, for there is no helper of any man who has sinned.
You see how I wrote all work of every man before his creation, all that is done among all men for all time and none can tell or relate my handwriting because the Lord sees all imaginings of man, how they are vain, where they lie in the treasure houses of the heart.
And now, my children, mark well all the words of your father that I tell you less you regret, saying: Why did our father not tell us?
Enoch Chapter 53

Parable the first: When the congregation of the righteous shall be manifested and sinners shall be judged for their crimes and be troubled in the spirit of the world, when righteousness shall be manifested (or when the Righteous One appears) in the presence of the righteous themselves who will be elected for their good works, duly weighed by the Lord of Spirits, and which the light of the righteous and the elect shall be manifested, where will the habitation of sinners be? And where the place of rest for those who have rejected the Lord of Spirits?
It would have been better for them if they had never been born.
Enoch Chapter 38:1, 2

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  1. Tim

    Hi Ruth,

    Seeing what you’ve received here, makes me think more about Enoch; specifically, “The Book of Enoch” and the “Prophecy of the Animals”, which is verses 85.01 through 90.xx. Around verse 89.61 there is one who is told to watch everything and write this all down in a book.

    Pay attention to whom does the writing and to whom he reports. Also, consider why animals are the main characters. What is the Lord trying to tell us? Admittedly, it is difficult reading, but eventually it “clicked” and I went “Wow!”

    Take care, Ruth, and God bless you.

    Your brother, Tim

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