Acts of An Apostolic – Teri R. Hennessey

Acts of An Apostolic

May 4, 2020 6:43 PM
Teri R. Hennessey


Acts of an Apostolic

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Acts of An Apostolic

An Apostolic is coming such as in the days of Acts
this time in the spirit of Elijah and in nothing will they lack

144,000, a vast number to behold amazing tales of wonder and force
In the bible they are foretold

To empty one of self desires and ambition, we let go
To be made part of the kingdom plans only Gods Will we need to know

A hidden cry, a Joan of Arc Spirit “You’re an end time Warrior”
My God I now hear it

You’ve been trying to wake me to the reality of the time
The rise of a fearless army I hear the calling bells chime

Your warriors have come to know truly who they are They hear the voice of God and the sound of His shofar Trumpets blast in the sky a reminder of its nearness
The time is so close at hand when You will take Your dearest

They will train as Gods army in the leaping hills of Bashan
They will sleep on hardened ground all comforts a thing of the past

They will master courage and bravery bestowed great strength and might
yet their love for the lost will lead them into the darkest of the night

They will fight in the enemy’s kingdom and victory they will see
With miracles and great wonders known as heroes they will be

Yet those who deny Him laid to waste will they be
For the vulture to devour dead mans bones will they see

Throughout the world they will rise-up and set a revival in motion
To lead all those who are lost sheep and bring them into the notion
Of a God who loves and wants them they will see the err of their ways
And then at the last trumpet blast will all be caught up and taken away

To a kingdom we will go where tears and sadness are no more
No fearful thing to haunt us nor memory of a life before

The groom comes from His chamber and the bride as white as snow
He sees her adorned in beauty a brilliant and striking glow

They gather all the peoples as guests, they happily sit
And join in the celebration the day is here, this is it

The Wedding Supper of the Lamb our eternity starts now
An exploration of His kingdom, for millions of years our lips declare WOW!

Written by:
Teri R. Hennessey

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