May 12, 2020 9:53 PM
Teri H

A seed for You planted; You built us enchanted when You wrote how You fashioned the world

Your creation it did flourish; From Your love would it nourish the heart of every boy and girl

Joy You did bring; From our hearts we would sing how we are fearfully and wonderfully made

Bright stars in the night; Warmth of a sun so bright
You even knew to make us shade

For You are the Father of Show and Tell!
Since Your achievements You know so well and what delight they would bring to our hearts

In sync You did form us, from the dust of the earth the grace of perfection to all our parts

A discerning heart You did give; Instructing us how to love and live gifting us domain over all You did make

While the copycat copied; Like a lion, he devoured to kill and destroy, he came like a snake

For the lie Satan told; Causing it all to grow old the earth indeed, it became accursed

Yet a Savior You brought forth!
A realm of Heaven beyond the North,
You saved like pennies from Your purse

Preserving like great wine; The best for last, He did dine with those who were His very first

They taught the rest about Heavens best,
His love being greater than all

And now our Bridegroom awaits with great cheer to celebrate,
A reception, a supper, a ball

Then all the days for eternity, endlessly exploring will we be,
The Lion of Judah with shall we peacefully rest

So, give thanks to our Creator!
The best for last He did surely save,
As forevermore will we be Eternally Blessed

Eternally Blessed poem

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By: Teri H

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