Satan’s Game – Teri R. Hennessey

Satan’s Game

May 12, 2020 9:29 PM
Teri  R. Hennessey

My heart in anguish, my spirit distressed
My one day of joy; barely got dressed

his turn again; seems like he just went this game is tiring, I wish he’d ‘get bent’

One day a week, that’s all I get
To desire my God, my soul is let

A night full of tears but joy in the morn
Till next time I fall, and again am forlorn

he won’t leave me alone, guess I’m worth the torment
When he gets his way, my worth, I relent

Please help me Lord, have more than one day
Help me abide and give you your way

For I’m ready to fall and get up no more
Please do something now, to even the score Like give me the strength to show him the door!

By: Teri H

Satan's Game

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