Petals – Tammy Porter


May 21, 2020 2:19 P
Tammy Porter

If I had a petal for every tear Ive cried
or layed upon your grave since the day that you have died

You were once so lovely so vibrant and full of life
But they killed you oh so slowly with a sacrificial knife

They infiltrated our churches and sang us lullabies
“there there little consumers just trust and close your eyes”

they mesmerized us all and dumbed us down in school
they danced us around our golden calf, made of us a fool

they’ve killed her though, they’ve killed her, America is no more
She at first was pure before God and now shes just a whore

If I had a petal for every tear I’ve cried
Or layed upon your grave since the day that you have died

I cry for you beloved, my darling, my American homeland
I wish we could have saved you, or at least tried to take a stand

Souls still have time to wake up, to unplug from the system
The devil has stolen and invaded everything even most of Christendom

open up your eyes soul, theres no more time to waste
get on your knees and repent right now, do it and make haste

Our blood will water the petals and mix with our murdered nation
Dont neglect it for a second longer bow down and ask for Salvation

Get yourselves ready beloveds, the sons and daughters of our murdered land
clean your garments and bow your knees assume the battle stance

Christian blood is falling right now all over the earth
thats how the Church age started in that I find my worth

To live is Christ but to die is gain, yes I’m quoting Paul
But know this brethren the cloud of witnesses is cheering for us all.

The Holy Spirit via
Tammy Porter

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