People Get Ready For Me To Come – Rick Harris

People Get Ready For Me To Come

June 4, 2020 12:50 PM
Rick Harris

The day draws so very Near.
Just wait on ME and have no Fear,
You are all so very much ever so Dear,
That you all should know this so very Clear,

The day for MY return is coming oh so very Fast,
Keep leading people to ME until the minute that is Last,
You all need to get busy as the time is going so Fast,
There will be one person that will have to be Last,

I will come like a thief in the Night,
At that time MY people shall all take Flight,
It will be to everyone’s pure Delight,
All will be happy and there will be no need for Fright,

As you rise up to ME in the Clouds,
That is where I will be Found,
The ones that make it I will be so Proud,
You will be set free and no longer Bound,

We will go to the place I have prepared for You,
I have been waiting for this for you to Do,
What you will see you do not have a Clue,
One thing for sure you will not be saying Boo Hoo,

When you enter MY home you will certainly Shine,
Because then you will be totally and truly MINE,
From that second until the end of Time,
You will not miss anything that you left Behind,

The day will be forever and Ever,
No more devil who thinks he is so Clever,
Only happiness and love everywhere that you Be,
Wrapped in MY love and glory that you shall See,

Streets of Gold and angels Galore,
It is ME that everything Adores,
Angles and saints singing to ME,
You will be so happy in Heaven with THEE,

Just be patient as the time is getting Short,
Just stay close to ME and do not Abort,
The earth “I AM” now starting to Shake,
It is all in those awful Earthquakes,

“I AM” shaking the earth to it’s very Core,
Letting everyone know “I AM” the ONE to be Adored,
“I AM” taking out a lot of the Evil that is what you Feel,
To MY people this should not be that big of a Deal,

Just be Ready that is what I have to Say,
I may come tomorrow or any other Day,
Which one l can not and will not Say,
Just get close to ME and there you Stay,

Inspired to Rick Harris

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