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The Night Chicago Died/These are the days my friend

Songs given, important lyrics

June 4, 2020 3:08 PM

Please pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in all truth and wisdom. I have been since 2010 receiving songs from Yeshua, some are for just me, some are answers to pounding heaven. In every case, when this happens for years, I will be awaken all during the night hearing a song, and it will be the first thing I hear when morning comes. It is usually one I’m not familiar with, I hear the tune and the main chorus and I have to go look it up. The first one was given after the March 13th virus began, when the President made the announcements, and I was desperately seeking answers from Him. On the first one, the wording was changed, instead of hearing “those are the days” I heard, “These are the days”. In preparing this, In my Spirit I felt led to use this verse to go with it…Matthew 24:37-39 and Daniel 5:25-28. This song has much meaning, listen closely. It brings to mind so much, even the eating and drinking and it appears that they are hanging on to this world, reflecting back to the life once lived. Could this be reflecting tribulation with no freedom and loss of what was once the only life they knew? The other song about Chicago was given before riots started, now it makes sense to me. God Bless us all, repent, and pray for these are the days of great change.

Received March 15 ,2020

Received May 7, 2020 5:30am CT


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