For the Remnant. The Elect – Just Jackie

For the Remnant. The Elect

June 5, 2020 4:22 PM
Just Jacki

Can be sung to the tune of, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”


Underneath the Willow Tree my soul sat down beside the Brook,
Thirsting for the Living Water IN the stream I Took a Look.

Drinking deep of Cup of Mercy it was Then I felt Release,
But it wasn’t till I Gave it that I came to Inner Peace.

I then Heard His Voice in stillness, “Zion, though your strength is small,
You Are Chosen for My Image, I AM now your All-in-All.”

Radiant Beauty… Shining, Flashing, like a Prism in the Sun… (selah)
You Gushed Forth in Blood through Sharp Sword when I died for We Are One.

One is My Bride My Bride is One I IN She and She IN Me,
Glowing Brightly as a City on a hill for all to See.

All who See Her See My Image Bride and SPIRIT Say To Come,
Kingdom Door is Open to You Listen to the Chosen One.

Zion you are Now in Labor Bringing Forth the Sons of God,
Daughters of the Kingdom Birthing Christ through Suffering and the Rod.

Man is Mercy of the Father, Woman.. Mercy of the Man… (selah)
Children Born of Holy Union ARE ALIVE … , Eternal Plan.

Just Jackie😁

The Lord Comes

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    This is beautiful!

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