The Soon Ending Tale – Ruth Johnson

The Soon Ending Tale

June 14, 2020 1:45 PM
Ruth Johnson

In those days they invented a pandemic
And it proved to be entirely academic
If any of it was actually true.
Almost all of us believed
We would get the flu
From me and you
When we breathed or spoke.
It was not true.
They masked us and they asked us,
No, told us to stay home
Where they could monitor us
On our cellular phones,
Said to social distance,
Stand six feet apart,
Avoid your elderly,
Enough to break your heart!
Anyone who died
Of anything else,
Car wreck, landslide, suicide,
Was recorded as a pandemic death.
People were confused,
Did not know what to do,
Who to believe,
What was true.
What is true?
It is happening now!
How will this tale end?
Soon? Will it end soon?
Who has noticed the moon?
It is jumping houses
Way too soon!
Is there a way to find out
How this all ends?
Will it just wash away
As our president portends?
Or will it get worse?
All in a hearse?
For a made up sickness
From an ancient curse?
That lying serpent
There in the Garden
Laid the path
For the world to harden
Their hearts and minds
Towards the One True God.
he revels in sin,
Wants us all with him
Then he will win the world!
If we all die
In a fallen state
he will succeed
In wiping the slate
And starting the world anew
Under his sole rule!
The One True God
All will forsake!
he is a liar and a thief,
A murderer from the start,
Drinks the blood of our babies
Straight from their heart!
he hates humankind,
Has a completely deranged mind,
Has the power of an angel
With a soul dark and vile,
Cut off from God,
No saving grace,
Once an angel of light,
Now an unsightly disgrace.
he should be ashamed,
But is not.
he lays the blame on us
With all he’s got.
And he has a whole arsenal
Of weapons up his sleeve
And he cannot wait to use them
On the likes of you and me.
he has many devoted followers
Who bought into his lies,
Paid with their souls,
he said they would not die.
No! They would be like gods!
They would rule the world!
It will soon be revealed
Who is right and who is wrong,
Will satan rule the world?
Will God just be gone?
Will He just allow him
To carry out his plan
After he has won
The soul of every man?
Will He win every soul?
What are his odds?
Where is yours residing now?
With the false gods?
Governments and media
Say they will keep you safe
From a made up pandemic
They are throwing in your face.
Mask up! Ask us!
If you do not know what to do!
And oh boy! Will we tell you!
Do not go outside,
Do not go for a ride,
Except to the store
And there you’ll stand in line
Outside to get in
And buy what you can
But you can get kicked out
If you are not a fan
Of the new world religion,
Worshipping the rulers
Of our pandemic scarred land.
The economy is over,
Many don’t know it,
The fat lady is gearing up to sing.
What will she sing?
Hail satan, our new king?
The question lingers in the air,
We are all right there
Where we must make a choice
And we must use our voice
And tell the One True God
We find it very odd
A usurper is ascending
From the pits of hell
To claim he is God
And all will be well?
Well, it is up to us,
Each and every one
To finish this story,
Get this particular Book done.
This Book is the Bible,
It lays out the whole plan,
And the lovely thing about it,
It tells what happens in the end,
How you may be Saved
From this unsavory place
satan is ensnaring
To bring in lucifer’s race.
He has created injections
To change us all to be like him,
All his loyal subjects,
Then he believes he will win.
What are we to do?
he wants to force those needles in us,
Use his soldiers to do it,
Say it must be done
To save the human race
And do away with everyone
Who is a danger to their neighbor
By wanting to freely run
Amuck amid a pandemic,
Even just a made up one!
We are in big trouble,
Many do not know
The importance of these times,
As history will show.
This is the holocaust,
Worldwide this time around,
The lives to be lost
Will astound everyone!
Everyone left standing,
Holding the ground,
For they gained an understanding
Of the peril they were in
And sought out the Truth
To save their loved ones and them.
The Truth is in the Bible,
Believe it or not,
It is entirely your call.
Are you certain you can be a god?
Or are you one who will fall
For every lie that drips
From the ever-lying lips
Of the best liar of all?
You believe there is a sickness,
Yes there is, it is true,
And it spreads from me to you
If I am the one lying to you.
The worst thing we can do
Is be well-adjusted
To a sick society,
And this is a sick society,
Getting sicker by the hour.
The evil ones are making bricks
And rebuilding their tower
Where they will babble down to us
Just like big brother.
he is not our Big Brother,
We already have One,
And He has already won!
Focus on Him!
He Will tell you what to do!
He Will protect you!
He Will keep the demons away!
He Will not allow you to stray
Into their ungodly clutches
Come the Great Judgment Day!
He is our Only Advocate!
We can rely on that!
Jesus is our Brother,
The Almighty God is our Father!
Unless you so choose
To be adopted by the other!
Up to you.
Your choice.
Use your voice!

Talk to Me
You will see
Just how free
You can be!
You are Mine
All the time
If you want to be!
I Love you!
I AM True!
I Will avert your train wreck,
Pull you out no matter what!
You will see
Just how free
You can be!
I will trust you
For I made you
For My Family Tree!
Aren’t you sick
Of being blamed
For all the evil
In your world?
Stopped by cops
Who claim authority
Only by the guns they hold?
Don’t they work for you?
Take their guns away!
It would be the best thing for them!
They are drunk with power!
If you truly want to come together
And knock them off their tower,
Take their guns away!
They might turn to Me!
They may feel insecure!
They may long to be free!
Or they may lay them down,
Leave them on the ground,
Walk away, not turn around,
Find My Promised Land!
Please understand!
My Son will rout this deadly disease,
This culprit from hell,
But you all must recognize
The Truth
Amid all the lies!
Or you will go to hell with him!
And you need to realize,
Listen, My children,
I Will talk to you!
Talk to Me!
Do not let him have you!
You are Mine
If you so choose!
No more time to lose!
This Book will close very soon!
A New Book will open!
Make your choice soon!
Your Father

I Am ready.
Who is with Me?
Who is on My side?
My big white horse is whinnying,
Anxious for this ride!
My angels are in place,
My saints have been tried!
My Bride is waiting!
Come on!
It is time!!!
I want to save you all!
I already did!
Please My precious siblings!
Let’s get on with it!!!
The Book is crumbling!
Falling apart!
The names not in the New One
Are breaking my heart!
Please join Me!
Let’s go home!
Our Father is waiting!
But not for long!
To Me!!!
Not him!
Let this war begin!
Your True Brother,
Jesus the Christ!

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