America Once Beautiful – Nicki Landa


America Once Beautiful

July 6, 2020 9:42:28 AM
Nicki Landa

Here we are!
The Glorious!
Rulers of the free world!
Creators of our destiny…
Righteousness upheld!

AH…No…I’m sorry…
That was long ago.
Today we reek of Unrighteousness
While pretending not to know.

Evil is perceived as good.
Our Heaven is really Hell.
We permeate the universe with our rotten smell!

Impurity, insanity, perversity, and more….
Are accepted in the name of TOLERANCE…
As the new norm.

We treat our dogs like people.
We treat our people like dogs.
We slaughter unborn babies…
Like they were cattle or hogs.

Our Nation was built with humility…
But only arrogance survives.
Our Nation was built on moral truth…
But now we believe THE lies.
Our nation was built for Freedom…
But we are imprisoned by Selfishness.

Our lust for power, sex, money, drugs…
Has weakened our Nation’s core…
But instead of recognizing this…
Changing this…
Repenting of this…
We cry out for more!!

Hour by hour by hour,
Day by day by day,
What little is left of decency
Slowly slips away…

What will be the end of this?
Nothing good…I fear.
People are surely right who say “The end is near”.

Our foundation will crumble at our own hands.
We don’t need terrorists to destroy our land!

Before it’s too late!
We can change our direction now…
Death of this once Great Nation will be our fate!!

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